Fourth Challenge Results (It could last all week)

September 8, 2008

Another excellent haiku week! Let’s get right to the Pass the tater tots entries.

There were a some opinions on cooking and serving suggestions:

From Lesa:

Pass the tater tots
Really deep fry them to hell
‘Cause baked is fake, yo.

[Props on the “yo”. Word.]


Pass the tater tots
And serve them with tartar sauce
Nerds like them that way.

From Michelle:

Pass the tater tots
slathered in gravy; the cat
licks her white whiskers.

From Q:

Pass the tater tots:
Freezer burn frosts the edges.
Hot potato cold.

From me:

Pass the tater tots
and hot fudge, now! PMS
is no joke, asshole.

And from Kevin:

Pass the tater tots.
The children refuse to eat
The brussel sprouts.

Kevin also made a political statement:

Pass the tater tots.
Sarah Palin is coming.
There is no time left.

and gave us a history lesson:

Pass the tater tots.
Napoleon Dynomite
Revived this old dish.

Wes went automotive:

Pass the tater tots.
They fit in the fuel hole fine.
My car runs funny.

All were wonderful, but I had to go with Deborah’s haiku, which made me laugh out loud:

Pass the tater, tots!
If we cut it up real small,
It could last all week.

Our new first line is It could last all week; I can’t wait to see what you all do with that. I will be back next Monday with Deborah’s pick.



8 Responses to “Fourth Challenge Results (It could last all week)”

  1. WoogaPdx Says:

    “It could last all week,”
    licking my sweat, he did moan.
    I woke up alone.

  2. Q Says:

    It could last all week
    if I didn’t go to work.
    Damn petrol habit.

  3. Kevin Moore Says:

    It could last all week.
    And it did. Then the next week,
    We all had the runs.

  4. Kevin Moore Says:

    It could last all week,
    Causing embarrassment to
    His teenage daughter.

  5. michelle Says:

    It could last all week
    or disappear tomorrow.
    Life is odd that way.

  6. Joanna Says:

    It could last all week,
    this ennui, this emptine–
    OMG! LOLCAT!1!!!

  7. Ismoon.Maria Says:

    It could last all week!
    It won’t though…It never does.
    Shouldn’t I know that?

  8. Sam Says:

    “It could last all week;
    That’d be the worst of it.”
    Or so she believed.

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