88th Challenge Result (His mistake or mine?)

June 21, 2010

Good grief, where have I been?! I apologize for the month-long sabbatical, people! I’ll try my hardest not to let it happen again!

Before we get to Sharon’s pick, let’s review…

Stephen Kellogg gave us a very sweet rhyme:

Sleeping in my bed
With a pillow for my head
And my wife – now wed

and a fairy tale:

Sleeping in my bed
Is a blond little girl
The little bear said

and a bit of seduction:

Sleeping in my bed
Thoughts of you drift thru my head
Sweet dreams of you love

Ben reflected on some unfortunate circumstances:

Sleeping in my bed.
That’s where I should be, but it’s
the drunk tank for me.

And now to Sharon…

Among the few entries, some were really sweet, but I had to go with the one that made me laugh, by CuJen:

Sleeping in my bed
is a man I’ve never seen.
His mistake or mine?

(It also has a good last line for a first line, but that’s beside the point…)

Thanks, Sharon! And congratulations to CuJen, who probably doesn’t even remember writing that haiku after all this time! 🙂 So our new first line is His mistake or mine? Since it has been awhile, I will remind you that capitalization and punctuation may be changed. Start writing, and I will do my very best to be back early next week with CuJen’s pick!



8 Responses to “88th Challenge Result (His mistake or mine?)”

  1. Chuckdaddy Says:

    His mistake or mine
    but does it really matter?
    Yes, it does, he says

  2. Kevin Moore Says:

    His mistake or mine
    eyes have seen the glory of
    failed aspirations.

  3. Sharon Says:

    His mistake or mine
    heart be true to only you
    can say that for sure

  4. Alec Says:

    His mistake or mine?
    Either way, we’re stuck here in
    Haiku backwater.

  5. mich Says:

    His mistake or mine–
    rhetorical wheel-spinning;
    the end is the same.

  6. Sam2U Says:

    His Mistake, or Mine?
    I chose the gold mine, left his
    limp portfolio.

  7. Sam2U Says:

    His mistake, or mine?
    Well, just what would you do with
    a Vuvuzuela?

  8. Sam2U Says:

    His mistake, or mine?
    Nine months or a test result?
    only time will tell.

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