Fifth Challenge Result (OMG! LOLCAT!1!!!)

September 15, 2008

Okay, not to keep fawning, but you people are AWESOME! Deborah (“Pass the tater, tots”) graciously interrupted her travels to review the entries, so let’s get right to business!

WoogaPDX got things started all sexylike:

“It could last all week,”
licking my sweat, he did moan.
I woke up alone.

Q addressed the oil crisis:

It could last all week
if I didn’t go to work.
Damn petrol habit.

Kevin discussed both food safety:

It could last all week.
And it did. Then the next week,
We all had the runs.

…and parenting:

It could last all week,
Causing embarrassment to
His teenage daughter.

Michelle was philosophical:

It could last all week
or disappear tomorrow.
Life is odd that way.

…as was Ismoon.Maria:

It could last all week!
It won’t though…It never does.
Shouldn’t I know that?

Sam got ominous:

“It could last all week;
That’d be the worst of it.”
Or so she believed.

I must now blushingly inform you that the lovely Deborah chose my haiku addressing the existential despair that runs rampant in our times:

It could last all week,
this ennui, this emptine–

So that means that our new first line is OMG! LOLCAT!1!!! A few notes for those of you who don’t waste as much time on the interwebs as I do: The “1” is an intentional typo and not pronounced; a long definition of lolcats can be found here and a bazillion examples can be found here; you don’t know what OMG is, SRSLY?!



3 Responses to “Fifth Challenge Result (OMG! LOLCAT!1!!!)”

  1. Ismoon.Maria Says:

    OMG! LOLCAT!1!!!
    Millennial valley speak
    Kitteh, you has it.

  2. Joanna Says:

    “OMG! LOLCAT!1!!!”
    Kitteh hears squeal and grins wide
    “Soon I rulez teh world.”

  3. michelle Says:

    OMG! LOLCAT!1!!!
    The kids talk funny these days.
    (Shrug) What can I say?

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