Hey there! Before we get to Ben’s pick, let’s look at your permanent records:

mich started us off with some words of wisdom:

Permanent record
of life: the fun and foibles—
we all wear the scars.

I amused my self with your tats:

Permanent record
of your idiocy is
your misspelled tattoo

Chuckdaddy talked tunes:

Permanent record
was a band I wish I knew
hubris implicit

mattrix can’t stop talking about work:

Permanent? Record
your Loyalty Oath: “Think Yes!”
Temp? Think: “No Bennies!”

And now, over to Ben:

All of this weeks entries were good but on a second run through, Sharon’s haiku stood out. Maybe because I could read several meanings into it or maybe I was just doing that because I could use a nap but in any case…

Permanent record
a chaos of DNA
sleeping in my bed

Thanks Ben! And congratulations to Sharon! Our new first line is sleeping in my bed. Keep the haiku coming, and I will be back early next week with Sharon’s pick!