Hello again! Before we get to mattrix’s pick, let’s appreciate all of the week’s haikus.

Stephen Kellogg addressed the financial crisis:

Corporate claptrap
Empty verbiage or nonsense
Banker talk I think

and got the dirt:

Corporate claptrap
The water cooler chatter
Leads to more gossip

Seth checked his inbox:

Corporate claptrap
fills the e-mail page nicely.
What’s it mean? “You’re fired.”

Ben was encouraged to reconsider his employment:

Corporate claptrap.
“Downsized”. “Outsourced”. “Freelance”. Now,
part-time flimflam-man.

I went behind the scenes in Detroit:

Corporate Claptrap:
The name of Chrysler’s promised
comeback vehicle?

And now over to mattrix…

They’re all good, but I gotta go with debrarian’s depiction of “corporate clap” — the inevitable result of a “think yes oh yes!” moment … with a special honorable mention to Joanna’s Chrysler campaign … Joanna has undoubtedly been watching a lot of “Mad Men” recently, and it’s paying off…

Corporate clap: trap
for those who dally with their
sexy office mates.

Thanks, mattrix! And congratulations to debrarian! Our new first line is sexy office mates. Have at them, um I mean it, and I’ll be back early next week with debrarian’s pick!