Hello! Before we get to Seth’s pick of the week, let’s appreciate all of the haiku!

CuJen gave me the munchies:

On your list, less swell
than mallows, but beats out chips.
My best guess? Cheez Whiz!

Ben’s relationship ended cleanly:

On your listless swell
our rubber ducky of love
circles ’round the drain

Take it away, Seth…

Well, not a whole lot of competition this week, but the winner’s a hard one to pick nonetheless. All are brilliant.

Maybe it’s because I work in a living Dilbert strip, but I want to see what can be done with “corporate claptrap”. My pick, then, is Mattrix.

On your list: Less “Swell!”
“Keen!” “Neat-O!” and a bit more
corporate claptrap.

Nicely done, but again, this was not an easy choice!

Thanks, Seth! And congratulations to mattrix! Our new first line is corporate claptrap. Put your haiku caps on, and I will be back early next week with mattrix’s pick!