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March 24, 2010

Hey y’all,

I’m extending Our love’s not that strong for another week, as my hard drive died and I am computerless at the moment. Stay creative, and I’ll see you early next week!



Apologies for being late (again)! Before we get to Stephen Kellogg’s pick, let’s review.

Sam2U kept us safe:

Keep closer. It’s said
that the werewolves in these woods
hate a good snuggle.

Seth bucked the ratings:

Keep “Closer” – it’s said
to be a far better show.
Cancel “Survivor”.

Izetta gave us good advice:

Keep closer it’s said
When novel pathways tempt you
Root your wayward heart

Karena B hid her haiku on a different page…

Keep closer it’s said
Much closer and I’ll be sad
You smell like dumpster

…and mich wrote a lovely haiku, but the first line was a bit tweaked:

“Keep closer to me,”
Mom said. Still, I wandered off.
“Lost child in aisle three.”

And now to Stephen:

So this was a tough pick as there are many good ones but in the end, I went with Ben’s haiku.

Keep closer. It’s said,
“love something, set it free.” Well,
our love’s not that strong.

I like the break with punctuation to change the first line and I thought it had a good twist. I also look forward to seeing what the new first line for the next haiku will yield…

Thanks, Stephen Kellogg! And congratulations to Ben! Our new first line is our love’s not that strong. Put on your haiku caps, and I’ll see you early next week with Ben’s pick!


Hello there! Before we get to HellStorm’s pick, let’s review:

Stephen Kellogg tried to keep things quiet:

Please don’t tell your friends
about this haiku challenge
competition’s stiff

and counseled positivity:

Please don’t tell your friends
they are all really shallow
help them go deeper

Sam2U realized the danger of social networking:

Please don’t tell your friends
I Facebook, or they will know
just how old I am.

and asked the big questions:

Please don’t tell your friends…
or is it don’t ask? and why
does my Xbox care?

And now to HellStorm:

I have to go with Stephen Kellogg’s

Please don’t tell your friends
Tell your enemies instead
Keep closer it’s said

which just edged out Sam2u’s FaceBook piece. The emphasis on who not to tell (as opposed to what should not be told) was key. Also, I like the last line as a challenging first line for the next haiku.

Thanks, HellStorm! And congratulations to Stephen Kellogg! Our new first line is Keep closer it’s said. Get to work, and I’ll see you early next week with Stephen Kellogg’s pick.


Hello! Before I turn things over to Ben, let’s review, shall we?

Seth took us to the White House:

Put your pants back on.
Time for the press conference,
Mr President.

CuJen went behind-the-scenes:

“Put your pants back on!
Straighten that bow tie! Oil up!”
Chippendale tryouts.

and laid down the law:

“Put your pants back on
the hanger and choose a dress!”
My mom’s Sunday rule.

Stephen Kellogg fluctuated:

Put your pants back on!
No wait, please take them back off
and get back in bed

and got himself in trouble:

Put your pants back on!
Police lights are getting close
where are the car keys!

All fabulous! And now for the final word from Ben…

My pick goes to the late entry from HellStorm. Call it a shout-out for his early 90’s rap reference.

Put your pants back on
backwards. Kris Kross fantasy.
Please don’t tell your friends.

Thanks, Ben! And congratulations to HellStorm! So our new first line is Please don’t tell your friends. Get your Mac Daddy (or your Daddy Mac) on*, and I’ll be back early next week with HellStorm’s pick!


*Kris Kross reference… Anyone? Anyone? Wiggidy wiggidy wack?

Howdy! Before I announce my pick, let’s review the fine entries.

Ben made the hard choices:

Dinner with the folks
or a sharp poke in the eye?
Use my pointy stick.

Stephen was musical:

Dinner with the folks
Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme
Paul and Art say grace

mattrix was romantic in his own special way:

Dinner with the folks,
Awkward sex in their guest room,
Gotta love first dates!

Stephen Kellogg considered the possibilities, here:

Dinner with the folks
Wonderful time together
Now asking her hand

and here:

Dinner with the folks
Weirder than she said they are
Having second thoughts

Sam2U served up a delicacy:

Dinner with the folks.
Although I know that I swerved,
A squirrel was served.

All excellent; but once again, Ben won me over with a reference to inappropriate nudity:

Dinner with the folks?
Please, make a good impression.
Put your pants back on.

Congratulations, Ben! So our new first line is Put your pants back on. Get creative, and I’ll see you next week with Ben’s pick.


Look at me, only two days late! Erm, yeah. Before we get to mich’s pick, let’s appreciate all of the entries.

Stephen Kellogg was both sinister:

The first course is served
The seventh party member
lies on the table

and romantic:

The first course is served
Wine, Chocolate and kisses
And then, off to bed

Alec was matrimonial:

The first course is served
Hard time and kitchen duty
’til death do us part…

Ben had a special Valentine’s Day meal:

“The first course is served!”
Thanks for cooking Sweetie. Wait –
are those McNuggets?

And now to mich:

Ah, cannibalism, romance, prison KP, McNuggets, family dinners ….

so much food for thought!

I enjoyed the narrative arcs of all the entries, but have to go with Joanna’s “Veiled insults with side of guilt”; now THAT’S a family dinner!

The first course is served
Veiled insults with side of guilt
Dinner with the folks

Thanks, mich! And yay, me! Our new first line is dinner with the folks. Put on your haiku shoes, and I’ll see you next week!


Sorry, I’m a bit late this week. I’m going to hand the blog right over to Debrarian…

Okay. Well, I guess there wasn’t anywhere to go but grisly with an opener like “an arm and a leg,” and this week’s entrants didn’t disappoint. Every one of them made me laugh, too:

The image of Hannibal in the frozen foods aisle, courtesy of Ben:

An arm and a leg.
Never grocery shop with
Hannibal Lechter.

Plastic carnage just in time for Valentine’s Day, from Joanna:

An arm and a leg:
What’s left of Ken since Barbie
caught him with Skipper.

But I’ll have to go with the ominous-yet-cultured tone (and the bonus “party of seven” pun) in mich’s pleasant little fine-dining vignette:

An arm and a leg.
Donner, party of seven.
The first course is served.

Thanks, Debrarian! And congratulations to mich! Our new first line is The first course is served. Start writing, and I’ll be back next week with mich’s pick.