Hello again! Before we get to mattrix’s pick, let’s appreciate all of the week’s haikus.

Stephen Kellogg addressed the financial crisis:

Corporate claptrap
Empty verbiage or nonsense
Banker talk I think

and got the dirt:

Corporate claptrap
The water cooler chatter
Leads to more gossip

Seth checked his inbox:

Corporate claptrap
fills the e-mail page nicely.
What’s it mean? “You’re fired.”

Ben was encouraged to reconsider his employment:

Corporate claptrap.
“Downsized”. “Outsourced”. “Freelance”. Now,
part-time flimflam-man.

I went behind the scenes in Detroit:

Corporate Claptrap:
The name of Chrysler’s promised
comeback vehicle?

And now over to mattrix…

They’re all good, but I gotta go with debrarian’s depiction of “corporate clap” — the inevitable result of a “think yes oh yes!” moment … with a special honorable mention to Joanna’s Chrysler campaign … Joanna has undoubtedly been watching a lot of “Mad Men” recently, and it’s paying off…

Corporate clap: trap
for those who dally with their
sexy office mates.

Thanks, mattrix! And congratulations to debrarian! Our new first line is sexy office mates. Have at them, um I mean it, and I’ll be back early next week with debrarian’s pick!



Back next week…

March 24, 2010

Hey y’all,

I’m extending Our love’s not that strong for another week, as my hard drive died and I am computerless at the moment. Stay creative, and I’ll see you early next week!


Hi again! We appear to be in a bit of a summer haiku slump: only four new haiku this week! Good thing they were all awesome. And speaking of awesome, Sam2U managed to pick a winner on time, even though she is “currently in Ontario in a cabin by a lake with a very windy dock” and had to track down cell service to phone Ben who emailed me! Now that’s haiku dedication, y’all. Before we get to her pick, let’s admire the other entries:

mattrix toyed with the Dark Side:

My! We’re “Wolf Boy!” Friend,
stop snarling! Halloween is
over, Dick Cheney!

jenny t hit the salon:

My werewolf boyfriend –
I took him to Club Waxx for
some man/wolf-scaping.

Ben helped the folks put things in perspective:

My werewolf boyfriend;
so mom won’t mind next time I’m
dating a drummer

Sam2U was most impressed with newcomer Mad Dog’s dating woes:

my werewolf boyfriend
I cannot hold him at bay
under the full moon

Congratulations to Mad Dog! And thanks to Sam2U (and Ben)! Our new first line is under the full moon. Have at it, and I will be back on Monday with Mad Dog’s pick.


Welcome to the first haiku challenge of 2009! Let’s review some awesome entries:

We saw some naughty behavior brought to us by jenny t:

Bad circus monkey –
for those satisfying splats –
greases the trapeze.

and Alec:

Bad circus monkey
Terrorizes the ice cream
While bananas split.

and jenny t again:

Bad circus monkey
Writes his haiku with one too
many syllables. See?

and Ben:

Bad circus monkey,
teased big cats mercilessly.
Need new lion tamer.

and Ben again:

bad circus monkey
tried to go home with the man
with the yellow hat

I discussed cuisine:

Bad circus monkey–
it tastes too fatty. Next time,
order wild monkey.

and Ben offered some criticism:

Bad circus monkey,
arthritic trapeze artist,
sad clowns. Let’s go home.

And now let’s hand things over to ismoon.maria:

jenny.t wowed me with splatting and greasing visuals. Alec & Sam2u made me laugh at disappointing circus’. Alec had a nice visual word play, and would make an unusual first sentence. jenny.t round 2 was sillyness with an outlaw haiku. Finally Ben showed us what happens with circus monkeys are REALLY bad. Sounds like my cats.

And the winner is: Alec & Sam2u for their big top coming down:

Bad Circus! Monkey,
fetch me the cannons and clowns!
Bring this big top down.

Thanks ismoon.maria! And congratulations to Alec & Sam2u; I believe that this is our first collectively-written winner! Our new first line is Bring this big top down. Get to work on those haiku, and I will see you on Monday with Alec & Sam2u’s pick.


Hi there! Before we get to Sarah L’s pick, let’s review some haiku:

jenny t found herself in some trouble:

Ref calls party foul:
“10 yards for double dipping!”
Damn. Busted again.

Ben did some punny drinking:

Ref calls party foul…
“Guest, nursing their beverage.”
Three shot penalty!

and dealt with rejection:

Ref calls party! Foul
mood descends on losing team.
No invitations.

and criticism:

Ref calls party “foul”.
Should not have invited him.
Too many critics.


Ref calls “Party Foul;”
his Labrador Receiver.
Strange name for a dog.

Alec argued with the officials:

Ref calls party foul,
but it is not foul at all.
Get your nose checked, bud!

and chastised party poopers:

Ref calls. Party foul!
Whose bright idea was it
to answer that phone?

and quoted Shakespeare:

Ref calls party foul.
“Fair is foul and foul is fair!”
Witch commentary…

and twice broke up the “party”, here:

Ref calls “par”. Ty foul,
But he looks fine. In the end,
all balances out.

and here:

Ref calls part ‘y’ foul.
(Regulations prohibit
calling it by name.)

Sam2u brought in the weather:

Ref calls party foul.
Daft Olympia displays:
cover ‘em with snow!

Here’s what Sarah L has to say:

Here’s my pick – I know it’s two but they’re both by Sam2u and on a related theme so I thought maybe I could get away with it. A delightful pair of fruitcake haiku, thanks for the smiles!

Ref calls party foul.
Fruitcake makes my hot buns cross.
Stay tuned for “Carb Wars”.


Ref calls party foul.
An eggnog fruitcake?!?!? … Goodbye!
Host can clear a room.

Thanks Sarah! And congratulations to Sam2u! To keep things from getting confusing, I’m going to make an editorial decision and go with that last haiku; so our new first line is Host can clear a room. Start writing those poems, and I’ll be back next Monday with Sam2u’s pick.


Hello again! Before we get to Kevin’s pick this week, let’s take a moment to appreciate the entries:

Ben discussed fashion:

Earth’s the latest fad.
Mud covered starlets at Cannes.
Soil is the new black.

While jenny t discussed travel:

Earth’s the latest fad.
For thrill-seeking aliens,
It’s like Disneyland!

I brought up food:

Earth’s the latest fad
diet: so few calories
in those fresh mud pies.

And Michelle explored entertainment:

Earth’s the latest fad.
“Galactic Next Top Model”–
Move over Tyra.

Ham! was confessional:

Earths the latest fad.
I’m not a perfect person,
Sometimes I pollute.

Alec looked at the bigger picture:

Earth’s the latest fad –
can’t avoid the marketing!
But this too will pass.


Earth’s the latest fad.
It’s, like, totally awesome.
Dig it dude? … Well, yeah.


Earth’s the latest. Fad-
ing fast in the final stretch.
Better luck next time.

and jumped around the dial:

“Earth’s the” … “LA!!” … “test” … “fad” …
Pick a station already!
You’re driving me nuts.

And here is Kevin’s final call:

I chose this one:

Sam2u Says:

Earth’s the latest fad.
Once loved, becomes forgotten;
bell bottoms and plaid.

Because it rhymes and evokes painful memories of childhood fashion tragedies.

Thanks Kevin! And congratulations to Sam2u! Our new first line is bell bottoms and plaid. I think this will be a particularly amusing week…


Here is how this works.

August 13, 2008

We start with a haiku, like so:

To write a haiku
All you need to know is this:
Five, seven, and five.

Then, in the comments, you write a new haiku using the last line of this haiku as your first line. Like so:

Five, seven, and five:
Perhaps the measurements of
A pregnant fairy.

You may change punctuation and capitalization, but the words must stay the same. After a week or so, a favorite haiku will be chosen, and the last line of that haiku will become the first line of the next haiku. And so on. Let’s see how long we can keep this up…

So, your first line is:

A pregnant fairy

Questions? Email me at thefireinthesnow [at] gmail [dot] com.

Addendum: You guys are all fabulously creative, but I should probably clarify the rules a bit. This time, everyone uses the first line “A pregnant fairy”; next week, one of those haiku (haikus?) will be chosen and then we will have a new first line to work with.

Yours, Joanna