86th Challenge Result (permanent record)

May 12, 2010

Howdy! Before we get to debrarian’s pick o’ the week, let’s appreciate the other contributions.

mattrix went in search of entertainment:

“Sexy Off!” “Ice Mates!”
At Fantasy Video:
Crazy sexy cool!

and hit the classifieds:

“Sexy Office Mates
Wanted,” my ad said. Got one
response: David Brent.

Ben made the best of the economic downturn:

Sexy office mates,
provide in recession, the
only raise you get.

and tried his hand at fiction:

Sexy office mates
with dowdy rumpus room. Must
stop writing bad porn.

I enjoyed a staff meeting:

Sexy office mates!
Or is that the dry erase
marker fumes talking?

And now to debrarian…

My favorite is Ben’s saucy, punning first effort:

sexy office mates
may leave marks on more than your
permanent record

Thanks debrarian! And congratulations to Ben! Our new first line is permanent record. Haiku up, and I’ll be back early next week with Ben’s pick.



5 Responses to “86th Challenge Result (permanent record)”

  1. mich Says:

    Permanent record
    of life: the fun and foibles—
    we all wear the scars.

  2. Joanna Says:

    Permanent record
    of your idiocy is
    your misspelled tattoo

  3. Sharon Says:

    Permanent record
    a chaos of DNA
    sleeping in my bed

  4. Chuckdaddy Says:

    Double dog dare? Hard to resist

    Permanent record
    was a band I wish I knew
    hubris implicit

  5. mattrix Says:

    Permanent? Record
    your Loyalty Oath: “Think Yes!”
    Temp? Think: “No Bennies!”

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