83rd Challenge Result (On your listless swell.)

April 19, 2010

So apparently I’m still getting back into the swing of things; sorry! Mich was on time with her pick, but I was clearly not on time with my posting. I’ll try to stay on schedule, y’all! Now on to the haiku…

I gave a music critique:

Wave of apathy
Followed by bridge of blahness
Please, no more smooth jazz

Julie stayed current:

Wave of apathy?!!
Oh, Constance! Where’s that good ole
quasi-prom spirit…?!

Stephen Kellogg was melancholy:

Wave of apathy
Washed over me, blinding me
To lifes constant call

Take it away, Mich!

Joanna put smooth jazz in its rightful place, and Julie gave a righteous shout-out to Constance M., who was barred from bringing her girlfriend to the prom. But I was taken with the sonorous ebb and flow of Seth’s ode to ennui:

Wave of apathy,
I surf a board of ennui,
On your listless swell.

Thanks, Mich! And congratulations to Seth! Our new first line is On your listless swell. Start creating, and I will really really really aim to post promptly next Monday!



3 Responses to “83rd Challenge Result (On your listless swell.)”

  1. mattrix Says:

    On your list: Less “Swell!”
    “Keen!” “Neat-O!” and a bit more
    corporate claptrap.

  2. CuJen Says:

    On your list, less swell
    than mallows, but beats out chips.
    My best guess? Cheez Whiz!

  3. Ben Says:

    On your listless swell
    our rubber ducky of love
    circles ’round the drain

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