82nd Challenge Result (wave of apathy)

April 5, 2010

The haiku is back in session! Thanks for your patience, y’all. My lovely new little MacBook and I are ready to start counting syllables once more! Now let’s look back on a few weeks of haiku before Ben announces his pick…

Stephen Kellogg got the ball rolling, and kept it on the field (or whatever–I suck at sports metaphors):

Our love’s not that strong
said the politician’s wife.
No interns for you!


Our love’s not that strong
that you can go on flirting
Knock it off right now!


Our love’s not that strong
It’s much stronger than you think
We’ve got it real good!


Our love’s not that strong
we can’t wait another week
to see who wins this


Our love’s not that strong
Despite the hard drive crashing
We want a winner!


Our love’s not that strong
No winner? might have to leave!
Naw… See you next week


Our love’s not that strong
Joanna said, pitching her
PC to the curb

Hee, I love it when my name gets worked into a haiku! 😉

Jen added:

Our love’s not that strong
maybe a second date is
a good idea?

and CuJen gave us:

Our love snot! That strong
reminder of the “glue” that
holds us together.


Our love’s not that strong-
armed, “keep him on a short leash,”
insecure bullshit.

And now, over to patient Ben:

When compiling the haiku submissions, don’t forget, they are spread over two postings. And while Stephen went submission crazy with seven good haikus, my haiku love lay elsewhere. I almost fell for the liberty CuJen took in twisting the first line into “our love snot” but ultimately I was won over by the haiku possibilities offered by Mich’s last line (and look, [s]he used a dash and took liberties too!).

Our love’s not that strong-
willed to survive the coming
wave of apathy.

Thanks, Ben! And congratulations to mich! Our new first line is wave of apathy. Have fun, and I’ll see you in a week! Really!



6 Responses to “82nd Challenge Result (wave of apathy)”

  1. Seth Says:

    Wave of apathy,
    I surf a board of ennui,
    On your listless swell.

  2. Joanna Says:

    Wave of apathy
    Followed by bridge of blahness
    Please, no more smooth jazz

  3. Julie Says:

    Wave of apathy?!!
    Oh, Constance! Where’s that good ole
    quasi-prom spirit…?!

  4. Wave of apathy
    Washed over me, blinding me
    To lifes constant call



  5. Alec Says:

    Wave of Apathy,
    I will not be your victim!
    Haiku restores me.

  6. Alec Says:

    Wave of a pa. Thy
    father bids farewell? Or does
    thy dog not type well?

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