80th Challenge Result (Keep closer it’s said)

March 9, 2010

Hello there! Before we get to HellStorm’s pick, let’s review:

Stephen Kellogg tried to keep things quiet:

Please don’t tell your friends
about this haiku challenge
competition’s stiff

and counseled positivity:

Please don’t tell your friends
they are all really shallow
help them go deeper

Sam2U realized the danger of social networking:

Please don’t tell your friends
I Facebook, or they will know
just how old I am.

and asked the big questions:

Please don’t tell your friends…
or is it don’t ask? and why
does my Xbox care?

And now to HellStorm:

I have to go with Stephen Kellogg’s

Please don’t tell your friends
Tell your enemies instead
Keep closer it’s said

which just edged out Sam2u’s FaceBook piece. The emphasis on who not to tell (as opposed to what should not be told) was key. Also, I like the last line as a challenging first line for the next haiku.

Thanks, HellStorm! And congratulations to Stephen Kellogg! Our new first line is Keep closer it’s said. Get to work, and I’ll see you early next week with Stephen Kellogg’s pick.



6 Responses to “80th Challenge Result (Keep closer it’s said)”

  1. Sam2U Says:

    Keep closer. It’s said
    that the werewolves in these woods
    hate a good snuggle.

  2. Ben Says:

    Keep closer. It’s said,
    “love something, set it free.” Well,
    our love’s not that strong.

  3. Seth Says:

    Keep “Closer” – it’s said
    to be the better show.
    Cancel “Survivor”.

    • Seth Says:

      oops – bad syl count. try again:

      Keep “Closer” – it’s said
      to be a far better show.
      Cancel “Survivor”.

  4. mich Says:

    “Keep closer to me,”
    Mom said. Still, I wandered off.
    “Lost child in aisle three.”

  5. Izetta Says:

    Keep closer it’s said
    When novel pathways tempt you
    Root your wayward heart

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