75th Challenge Result (an arm and a leg!)

February 1, 2010

Hi! Before we get to Alec’s pick, let’s review the other entries.

Seth reminded us how quickly things can change:

Five minutes ago –
Much can happen ‘tween then and
Five minutes from now…

and Ben got the munchies:

Five minutes ago
I craved a little salty.
Now I need some sweet.

Take it away, Alec!

A small group of entries, but included among them was one that pleased me greatly with its clever turns of phrase. Debrarian wins with:

Five minutes a go-
nad, and still the vet charges
an arm and a leg!

Thanks, Alec! And congratulations to Debrarian! Our new first line is an arm and a leg. I’ll be back early next week with Debrarian’s pick!



3 Responses to “75th Challenge Result (an arm and a leg!)”

  1. Ben Says:

    An arm and a leg.
    Never grocery shop with
    Hannibal Lechter.

  2. mich Says:

    An arm and a leg.
    Donner, party of seven.
    The first course is served.

  3. Joanna Says:

    An arm and a leg:
    What’s left of Ken since Barbie
    caught him with Skipper.

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