74th Challenge Result (five minutes ago.)

January 25, 2010

Hello! I’m going to pass this right over to Sam2U…

Alec kicked it off with old news:

Into infamy…
…and be yawned. Balloons are so
five minutes ago.

Seth poetically described a sad situation:

Into infamy
shall our leaders blithely stride
heedless of our cries.

Which inspired me, so I couldn’t resist

“Into infamy
and scandal.” That’s how I got
my job in congress.

Ben (aka sticky-fingers) described the start of a life of crime:

Into Infamy!!!!!
Dude, a pack of chewing gum?
Five-finger discount.

Joanna flashed us vividly:

Into infamy
at mall; now I know “HALF OFF”
don’t mean “shop topless”.

All beauties in their own way, but I choose Alec’s. It has the hidden pun of “be yawned” & the last line should really open up the possibilities.

Into infamy…
…and be yawned. Balloons are so
five minutes ago.

Thanks, Sam2U! And congratulations to Alec! Our new first line is five minutes ago. Get creative, and I’ll see you early next week with Alec’s pick!



3 Responses to “74th Challenge Result (five minutes ago.)”

  1. debrarian Says:

    Five minutes a go-
    nad, and still the vet charges
    an arm and a leg!

    (with apologies to my highly esteemed, expensively educated vet friend whose professional expertise is actually totally worth it)

  2. Seth Says:

    Five minutes ago –
    Much can happen ‘tween then and
    Five minutes from now…

  3. Ben Says:

    Five minutes ago
    I craved a little salty.
    Now I need some sweet.

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