72nd Challenge Result (ain’t true with YouTube.)

January 12, 2010

Look, I’m only a day late! Before we get to mattrix’s pick, let’s review.

Julie got tough this week:

We’ll see what happens…
if the bastards pat me down,
I’ll give ‘em a bone.

and Ben told us a cautionary tale:

…We’ll see what happens.
Hey! That’s what you said last time.
…Your eyebrows grew back.

Take it away, mattrix!

While I enjoy the concept of Julie (aka my spouse) giving someone “the bone,” as well as the mental image of Ben growing his eyebrows back, I’m awarding this week’s prize to Joanna, because of her pithy comment on the ubiquity of YouTube (a site I do not allow myself to visit, because I am an Addict).

We’ll see. “What happens
in Vegas stays in Vegas”
ain’t true with YouTube.

Congrats to Joanna, and I hope this prize compensates her for … well, for everything.

Um, thanks, mattrix! And congratulations to me! Our new first line is ain’t true with YouTube. Start posting, and I’ll be back next week with my pick!



4 Responses to “72nd Challenge Result (ain’t true with YouTube.)”

  1. Julie Says:

    Ain’t true with YouTube?!!
    But Ed McMahon promised me
    I’d become famous!

  2. Julie Says:

    Ain’t true with you. Tu be
    or not tu be… the question
    that torments us all.

    (I know, it doesn’t follow the rules, but it’s fun anyway. 😉

  3. Sam2U Says:

    …Ain’t true! With YouTube
    You CAN milk 15 seconds
    into infamy!

  4. Ben Says:

    Ain’t true! With YouTube
    (from your couch) safely see fools
    handle explosives

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