71st Challenge Result (we’ll see what happens…)

January 5, 2010

Good lord, I let the fire go out! I’m sorry y’all, apparently December kicked me in the ass. But the haiku is back!

Before we get to Ben’s pick from a zillion days ago, let’s review the excellent entries:

Katy Wolk-Stanley found out what happens after the ball:

Ain’t no fairy tale
The dishes pile up so high
Where’s my handsome prince?

Julie summed up the current gossip:

ain’t no fairytale
endings in the forest realm
known as tiger woods.

Alec was high:

Ain’t no… Fairyt Ale?
Magic dust, vicious weasels?
Why yes, I’d love some!

and came ready to rawk:

Ain’t no fairytale
Ain’t no amped-up fantasy
It’s just Rock and Roll!

I learned to be careful what I wished for:

Ain’t no fairy tale,
One kiss, *poof*, I had a prince.
(God, I miss the frog.)

And now I hand the blog over to Ben…

I liked several but have to go with mattrix; even if he took a little pronunciation liberty with “tale”, I think it works.

Ain’t no fairy! Tale
ya what, though … buy me dinner,
we’ll see what happens…

Thanks, Ben! And congratulations to the always classy mattrix! Our new first line is we’ll see what happens. Get back in the game, people! I will see you on Monday with mattrix’s pick.



3 Responses to “71st Challenge Result (we’ll see what happens…)”

  1. Julie Says:

    We’ll see what happens…
    if the bastards pat me down,
    I’ll give ’em a bone.

  2. Joanna Says:

    We’ll see. “What happens
    in Vegas stays in Vegas”
    ain’t true with YouTube.

  3. Ben Says:

    …We’ll see what happens.
    Hey! That’s what you said last time.
    …Your eyebrows grew back.

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