70th Challenge Result (ain’t no fairytale.)

December 16, 2009

Howdy! We had a wonderful but difficult first line this week; after reading the chain so far, Julie had this to say:

Keeps his briefs snow white…
indeed the worst first line in
haiku history.

I dunno, I still think perfect aside ass was the hardest line to work with. At any rate, there were only two other entries this week. I went with the glass-half-full approach:

“Keeps his briefs snow white!”
Putting a positive spin
on constipation

And for the winning haiku, let’s turn things over to Julie:

Especially given the weird syntax of the first line, I think both haikus are quite clever and bold, and I liked them immediately. They each made me laugh out loud!

But after much deliberation, I’m going to go with Ben’s pulpy revelation about Snow White. Leaves so much to the imagination… 🙂

Keeps his briefs. Snow White
liked mementos. Turns out this
ain’t no fairytale.

thanks, y’all!

Thank you, Julie! And congratulations to Ben! Our new first line is ain’t no fairytale. I know that you all can do something with this one. I’ll be back early next week with Ben’s pick.



6 Responses to “70th Challenge Result (ain’t no fairytale.)”

  1. Ain’t no fairy tale
    The dishes pile up so high
    Where’s my handsome prince?

  2. Julie Says:

    ain’t no fairytale
    endings in the forest realm
    known as tiger woods.

  3. mattrix Says:

    Ain’t no fairy! Tale
    ya what, though … buy me dinner,
    we’ll see what happens…

  4. Alec Says:

    Ain’t no… Fairyt Ale?
    Magic dust, vicious weasels?
    Why yes, I’d love some!

  5. Alec Says:

    Ain’t no fairytale
    Ain’t no amped-up fantasy
    It’s just Rock and Roll!

  6. Joanna Says:

    Ain’t no fairy tale,
    One kiss, *poof*, I had a prince.
    (God, I miss the frog.)

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