69th Challenge Result (keeps his briefs snow white.)

December 9, 2009

Hi! Before we get to mattrix’s pick (and runner-up), let’s review the other excellent submissions.

Julie got us started with some tunes:

“bullshit happytalk”…
Peyton’s favorite song by
They Might Be Giants.


Bullshit Happytalk:
the grandmaster flash of Hip-
pity Hop music.

and embraced the season:

B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t… H-a-p-p-y-t-a-l-k…
Bullwinkle?… Rudolph can’t keep
the new recruits straight.

and even brought us the sports page:

“Bulls Hit Happy Talk!”
Chicago Sun-Times reports.
New rookies score big.

Ben hit the bars:

Bullshit happy-talk
is all you’re good for once you
drink fifteen Redbulls.

Seth reported from work:

Bullshit happytalk
filled the six hour seminar.
Will my job suck less?

and gave us some media commentary:

Bullshit-happy talk
show stars have undone what news
media could be.

Take it away, mattrix!

First off, everyone did a fantastic job. It was really hard to pick a winner. I so want to choose Joanna’s fine entry, not only because it’s a great haiku, but because it gives an exciting close-up look at her social life:

Bullshit happytalk,
crappy beer, no chemistry.
God, I hate first dates.

(December 8, 2009 at 8:43 pm)

Sadly, as we can see by the official time-stamp, it was ONE DAY LATE and is thus disqualified. But a great haiku nonetheless.

I think I’m going to have to go with Julie’s gossipy rendition of the Seven Dwarves story: it’s insightful, it’s behind-the-scenes, and it gets cleverer the more I think about it:

Bullshit, Happy… talk
to us about how Dopey
keeps his briefs snow white.

I really like the fact that he’s a dwarf, so of course he wears “briefs”…

Congrats to Julie for the win and for giving us what will probably be the toughest first line in haiku history…

Thanks, mattrix! And congratulations to Julie! And I’m just going to ignore the crack about my social life! Our new first line is keeps his briefs snow white; let’s prove mattrix wrong about the toughness and write some kickass haiku! I’ll see you early next week with Julie’s pick.



4 Responses to “69th Challenge Result (keeps his briefs snow white.)”

  1. Ben Says:

    Keeps his briefs. Snow white
    liked mementos. Turns out this
    ain’t no fairytale.

  2. Joanna Says:

    “Keeps his briefs snow white!”
    Putting a positive spin
    on constipation

  3. Alec Says:

    Ain’t no… Fairyt Ale?
    Magic dust, vicious weasels?
    Why yes, I’d love some!

  4. Sam2U Says:

    “…keeps his briefs…” Snow White
    sighed, “hung on a golden rod.”
    Snow can get ‘slushy.’

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