67th Challenge Result (We are good to go!)

November 23, 2009

Hello! Before we get to Seth’s pick, let’s review:

debrarian reminded us of the importance of proofreaders:

“Phallic coveting” –
an unfortunate typo.
Please *cover* that up.

And I gave us a little celebrity trivia:

Phallic Coveting
was by far the surliest
of the Zappa kids.

And now, here’s Seth!

Wow. Only three entries to choose from, but they’re all great. I laughed out loud at each of them, and it’s really tough to point at a particular one and say, “ye gods, that’s it!” But, I think I have to go with Ben’s checking the list of 10.

Phallic coveting?
*Not* one of the commandments.
We are good to go!

Congrats, Ben. Your line of We are good to go is our new starter.

Thanks, Seth! And congratulations again to Ben! So you heard the man, we are good to go! I’ll be back on Monday with Ben’s pick.



3 Responses to “67th Challenge Result (We are good to go!)”

  1. mattrix Says:

    “WE ARE GOOD!” — to go
    right next to “THINK YES!” — our new
    bullshit happytalk…

  2. Alec Says:

    Wear e-Good, to go
    off to the internets and
    worship your i-God!

  3. Sam2U Says:

    We are good to go:
    tequila and bus fare home.
    Happy Birthday Ben!

    (if they ask, the kids’ version’s middle line is “cake, candles, and no regrets.”)

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