66th Challenge Result (“Phallic coveting.”)

November 16, 2009

Look, I’m actually posting on the correct day! Woohoo! If you wrote a haiku this week, I owe you a haiku on the topic of your choice; email me (unbrokenhaiku [at] gmail [dot] com) or post your topic in the comments.

Before we get to Laurie’s pick, let’s review the entries:

Becki gave us some insight:

The penis envy
the beer can with their custom,
hand-knitted, cozies.

CuJen played with words:

The pen is envy.
But mightier than the sword,
cuts them down to size.

…and called out the immaturity:

The penis envy
comment was so juvenile!
Takes one to know one!

Ben was ornithological:

The penis envy,
is much like a small bird. Its
a little pecker.

and I gave a history lesson:

The Penis Envy
couldn’t get a record deal
So Freud tried med school

What sayeth Laurie?

“Phallic coveting” makes me giggle. I choose Seth.

The “penis envy”
phrase is less vulgar if said:
“Phallic coveting.”

Thanks, Laurie! And congratulations to Seth! Our new first line is “Phallic coveting.” As always, you may change punctuation and capitalization. Put your thinking caps on, and I will be back on Monday with Seth’s pick!



4 Responses to “66th Challenge Result (“Phallic coveting.”)”

  1. CuJen Says:

    Here’s my haiku request…

  2. Ben Says:

    Phallic coveting?
    *Not* one of the commandments.
    We are good to go!

  3. debrarian Says:

    “Phallic coveting” –
    an unfortunate typo.
    Please *cover* that up.

  4. Joanna Says:

    Phallic Coveting
    was by far the surliest
    of the Zappa kids.

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