65th Challenge Result (the penis envy.)

November 11, 2009

Hello! Before we get to Ben’s pick for the week, let’s review the excellent submissions, shall we?

Seth found balance in his sins:

I wish it was mine.
Driven to take it? Not quite.
Envy checked by sloth.

I coveted literature:

I wish “It” was mine;
That would make my Stephen King
collection complete.

thenonconsumeradvocate was hungry:

I wish it was mine,
Cupcake in the store window,
Smashy, smashy, yum.

Nancy shook her fist at the library’s new security system:

I wish it was mine,
new library DVD.
Damn. RFID.

Becki was, in her words, “feeling maudlin”:

I wish it was mine –
my fragile hope was your hope;
my heart stays alone.

Here’s Ben…

I really liked Becki’s maudlin entry, and I gravitated towards the tasty “smashy, smashy yum” imagery from thenonconsumeradvocate; but ultimately; who can resist “the penis envy”? Not me. I diagnose Laurie with this weeks winner.

I wish it was mine.
And no, smartass, I don’t have
the penis envy.

Thanks, Ben! Congratulations, Laurie! Our new first line is the penis envy. Both as a thank you to our longterm loyal haikuers and to get some new blood around here, each person who posts a haiku with this week’s first line will receive a haiku (written by me) on the topic of their choice. Yeehaw! Start writing, and I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday with Laurie’s pick.



7 Responses to “65th Challenge Result (the penis envy.)”

  1. Becki Says:

    The penis envy
    the beer can with their custom,
    hand-knitted, cozies.

  2. CuJen Says:

    The pen is envy.
    But mightier than the sword,
    cuts them down to size.

  3. CuJen Says:

    The penis envy
    comment was so juvenile!
    Takes one to know one!

  4. Seth Says:

    The “penis envy”
    phrase is less vulgar if said:
    “Phallic coveting.”

  5. Ben Says:

    The penis envy,
    is much like a small bird. Its
    a little pecker.

  6. Ben Says:

    The penis envy
    I feel for you causes me
    a great tumescence.

  7. Joanna Says:

    The Penis Envy
    couldn’t get a record deal
    So Freud tried med school

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