63rd Challenge Result (turned green with envy)

October 28, 2009

Yikes, I’m late again–sorry! Ben was on time with his pick, though; before I turn things over to him, let’s review some haiku…

Sam2U hit the highway:

“Big Adam’s Apple
Stand,” or “Eve’s Roadside Melons”…
tough road trip choices.

and went on the prowl here:

Big Adam’s apple,
deep voice, large feet, facial hair…
but can he Salsa?

and here:

Big adam’s apple…
or is she hypothyroid?
I’ll take my chances

and visited Eden:

“Big Adam’s apple
bite cost him prime real estate…”
Just ask my broker.

Alec also took a road trip:

Big Adam’s Apple
is my favorite stop on the
Oversized Food Tour.

And Seth spread happiness and made impressive use of an apostrophe:

Big Adam Sapple
brought joy wheree’er he would go
with his balloon tricks.

And now, over to Ben:

While I really liked the way Seth twisted my first line with “Big Adam Sapple”, I guess I’m not a big enough fan of balloon animals to give him the win.

And while I loved Sam2Us bottom line/deal breaker of “but can he Salsa?”, Alec wins with the haiku that made me laugh.

Big Adam’s Apple:
At the sight, my Granny Smith
Turned green with envy

Thanks, Ben! And congratulations to Alec! Our new first line is Turned green with envy. Start writing, and I’ll be back on Monday with Alec’s choice!



5 Responses to “63rd Challenge Result (turned green with envy)”

  1. Sam2U Says:

    Turn Ed green with envy,
    talking horses are easy,
    dangle a carrot.

  2. Sam2U Says:

    Oops! It doesn’t work for syllables but I needed to take a break from other stuff.

  3. Ben Says:

    …turned green with envy?
    What a dumb super-power!
    I wish it was mine.

  4. Seth Says:

    Turned green. With envy
    over my sporty Prius,
    my neighbors did too.

  5. CuJen Says:

    …turned green! With envy
    I watched the jerk drive right by
    and flip me the bird.

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