62nd Challenge Result (big adam’s apple.)

October 20, 2009

Hey y’all! Sorry to be a bit late this week. I’m going to turn things right over to CuJen…

Hi All,

Well the pickings were a little slim this week…perhaps ED is still a taboo topic? Hey, if hockey players can discuss it with their doctors, then so can you!

I enjoyed smashey’s reference to the magic blue pills…

The loss of woody –
a pill not wholly bitter,
if the pill is blue.

And Seth had me reminiscing about the days of cartoons at lunchtime on regular network TV…

The loss of Woody
Woodpecker started the trend
of cartoons’ decline.

But it was Ben who really made me laugh out loud with his vivid image…

The loss of woody.
Thought her hot, then noticed her
big adam’s apple.

Ben is king of the lost woody!!

Thanks, CuJen! And congratulations to Ben, who I’m sure is thrilled to be known as the king of the lost woody! Our new first line is big adam’s apple. Start writing, and I’ll be back on Monday with Ben’s pick!



9 Responses to “62nd Challenge Result (big adam’s apple.)”

  1. Sam2U Says:

    “Big Adam’s Apple
    Stand,” or “Eve’s Roadside Melons”…
    I love scenic back roads!

  2. Sam2U Says:

    Oops! premature submitting…

    “Big Adam’s Apple
    Stand,” or “Eve’s Roadside Melons”…
    tough road trip choices.

  3. Sam2U Says:

    Big Adam’s apple,
    deep voice, large feet, facial hair…
    but can he Salsa?

  4. Alec Says:

    Big Adam’s Apple:
    At the sight, my Granny Smith
    Turned green with envy

  5. Sam2U Says:

    Big adam’s apple…
    or is she hypothyroid?
    I’ll take my chances

  6. Sam2U Says:

    “Big Adam’s apple
    bite cost him prime real estate…”
    Just ask my broker.

  7. Alec Says:

    Big Adam’s Apple
    is my favorite stop on the
    Oversized Food Tour.

  8. Seth Says:

    Big Adam Sapple
    brought joy wheree’er he would go
    with his balloon tricks.

  9. Kevin Moore Says:

    Big Adam’s apple
    withers next to Little John’s

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