61st Challenge Result (the loss of Woody.)

October 12, 2009

Hey there! Let’s turn things right over to Sam2U:

This week we had five [six] potent haiku entries.

Ben had us slow dancing (and had an excellent ending line!):

To Androgyny:
Happy to see me? For real,
what’s in your pocket?

Seth took us on the backstage at Disneyland Inc.

“To androgyny
And BEYOND!” didn’t quite catch
on with Disney suits.

While CuJen delved deeper into Walt’s world (with a parallel thought to Seth’s):

“To androgyny
and beyond!” Lightyear’s cry for
the loss of Woody.

Alec sought an even deeper low

To Androgeny!
THICK with possibility,
but pun’s a long shot.

Yet, Alec also reminded us to be practical.

To andro geny,
anything’s possible but…
batteries required

[There was also a last minute shout out from jenny t:

To androgeny!
I toast – with a curtsy and
then twirl my mustache.

Tough call to make, but I have to go with CuJen’s:

“To androgyny
and beyond!” Lightyear’s cry for
the loss of Woody.

Thanks, Sam2U! And congratulations to CuJen! Our new first line is the loss of Woody. Go to it, and I’ll be back on Monday with CuJen’s pick.



3 Responses to “61st Challenge Result (the loss of Woody.)”

  1. smashey Says:

    The loss of woody –

    a pill not wholly bitter,

    if the pill is blue.

  2. Ben Says:

    The loss of woody.
    Thought her hot, then noticed her
    big adam’s apple.

  3. Seth Says:

    The loss of Woody
    Woodpecker started the trend
    of cartoons’ decline.

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