59th Challenge Result (Brylcreem, Bedazzler.)

September 29, 2009

Howdy! Before we get to Sam2U’s pick, let’s admire all of the submissions.

Kevin Moore discussed publishing trends:

The Osmond’s Secret
will be the least popular
Dan Brown mystery.

(Side note: Alec wrote this haiku of appreciation for Kevin:

Kevin Moore’s Haiku:
His unexpected punchline
still has me laughing!!!

CuJen told us about Donny’s thwarted ambitions:

The Osmonds’ secret
dream? To make it as rap stars!
Curse Vanilla Ice!

Alec cleverly punctuated:

The Osmonds’ secret-
ary hated my hyphen-
ated fan Haiku.

Seth took us beyond the facade:

The Osmunds’ secret
lair housed horrors more grotesque
than their smiles let on.

Ben took us into the kitchen:

The Osmonds’ secret
recipe? Two parts bourbon,
one thirsty Marie.

and let something slip:

The Osmonds’ secret?
It goes with me to the grave.
(Jimmy’s a robot!)

And now to Sam2U:

It was difficult to choose, but Joanna’s won me over:

The Osmonds’ secret?
The four B’s: Bible, Botox,
Brylcreem, Bedazzler.

Thanks, Sam2U! Our new first line is Brylcreem, Bedazzler. Have at it, and I will be back on Monday with my pick!



3 Responses to “59th Challenge Result (Brylcreem, Bedazzler.)”

  1. mattrix Says:

    Brylcreem, Bedazzler,
    Barnacle Boy, and Blingman:
    The “B-Team” heroes.

  2. Ben Says:

    …With my VISA? That’s it! No
    more infomercials.

  3. Sam2u Says:

    Brylcreem, Bedazzler,
    and Bowie paved the pathway
    to androgeny.

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