58th Challenge Result (The Osmond’s secret.)

September 21, 2009

Hello, and Happy New Year! Before we get to Ben’s pick, let’s review the submissions.

jenny t went on vacation:

Too much tequila.
Instead of Pueblan sunsets
All is see is floor.

and set us straight:

Too much tequila:
An oxymoron if I
ever heard of one.

Sam2U came to terms with aging:

Too much tequila,
a tattoo, a broken hip:
My midlife crisis.

I critiqued a celebration:

Too much tequila,
no cake; who let Courtney Love
plan the baptism?

Take it away, Ben!

I’m a little pressed for time so I won’t do a whole guest blogger thing for this weeks haiku; other than to say I was going to go with Sam2u’s “My midlife crisis” but at the last moment she submitted one that cracked me up – this weeks winner “The Osmond’s secret”.

Too much tequila,
and we’re all a bit ‘Country.’
The Osmond’s secret.

Thanks, Ben! And congratulations to Sam2U! Our new first line is The Osmond’s secret. Get to it; I will be back on Monday with Sam2U’s choice.



9 Responses to “58th Challenge Result (The Osmond’s secret.)”

  1. Kevin Moore Says:

    The Osmond’s Secret
    will be the least popular
    Dan Brown mystery.

  2. CuJen Says:

    The Osmonds’ secret
    stayed safely hidden behind
    pantsuits and big teeth.

  3. CuJen Says:

    The Osmonds’ secret
    dream? To make it as rap stars!
    Curse Vanilla Ice!

  4. Alec Says:

    The Osmonds’ secret-
    ary hated my hyphen-
    ated fan Haiku.

  5. Alec Says:

    Kevin Moore’s Haiku:
    His unexpected punchline
    still has me laughing!!! 🙂

  6. Seth Says:

    The Osmunds’ secret
    lair housed horrors more grotesque
    than their smiles let on.

  7. Ben Says:

    The Osmonds’ secret
    recipe? Two parts bourbon,
    one thirsty Marie.

  8. Ben Says:

    The Osmonds’ secret?
    It goes with me to the grave.
    (Jimmy’s a robot!)

  9. Joanna Says:

    The Osmonds’ secret?
    The four B’s: Bible, Botox,
    Brylcreem, Bedazzler.

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