57th Challenge Result (too much tequila.)

September 16, 2009

Happy Mid-Week! Before I get to Seth’s pick, let’s review the haiku:

Sam2U was punnily defeated:

His verse won. Dark, heart
wrenching defeat… Metal rules.
Verses, soiled again

mattrix filed a jedi complaint:

His verse won?!? Dark heart
I have. Revenge I will plan.
Haiku I will break.

and Ben highlighted some poetic dedication:

His verse won? Dark Heart,
he penned it with his own blood!
He wrote his heart out.

I’ll turn things over to Seth now…

As to the entries – They’re all very good. (Consider me duly chastised by mattrix, and Sam2U had a great pun.) But at the end of the day, you just can’t go wrong with “Too much tequila”.

His verse won. Dark heart
succumbs to sweet words. That, and
too much tequila.

My pick, therefore, is Ben. Very nice verse, and an excellent closing line to start the next round.

Thanks, Seth! And congratulations to Ben! Our new first line is too much tequila. Since I messed up the timing the last couple of weeks, I will try to get back on track this time: I plan to be back with Ben’s pick on Monday.



5 Responses to “57th Challenge Result (too much tequila.)”

  1. jenny t Says:

    Too much tequila.
    Instead of Pueblan sunsets
    All is see is floor.

  2. jenny t Says:

    Too much tequila:
    An oxymoron if I
    ever heard of one.

  3. Sam2U Says:

    Too much tequila,
    a tattoo, a broken hip:
    My midlife crisis.

  4. Joanna Says:

    Too much tequila,
    no cake; who let Courtney Love
    plan the baptism?

  5. Sam2U Says:

    Too much tequila,
    and we’re all a bit ‘Country.’
    The Osmond’s secret.

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