56th Challenge Result (his verse won dark heart.)

September 13, 2009

My apologies for the extreme delay! Between catching an icky cold and some work stuff, I was a bit preoccupied this past week. Time for haiku!

ismoon.maria got us started with some medical advice:

Gnarly! Yet sweet scent
indicates having a stroke
Total bummer dude!

Leila brought us perfume critique:

“Gnarly, Yet Sweet!” Scent
Connoisseur reviewed fragrance
by Paris Hilton

And Ben sent us a note from Hogwarts, perhaps:

gnarly yet? Sweet scent
overpowers. Does potion
need a bit more bat?

And Leila announced

Seth wins with poetic rock & roll!

Gnarly yet sweet, sent
o’er strains of goth metal,
his verse won dark heart.

Thanks, Leila! Though Seth’s haiku totally rocked, I feel the need to point out that he dropped a letter (the “c” in “scent”), thereby breaking the one major rule of Will the Haiku Be Unbroken! (In other words, the haiku has been a bit, well, broken.) The winner got posted before I could point this out, so I have been overruled; this haiku stands. Congratulations, Seth!

Let’s reiterate the guidelines for the future: We may only alter capitalization and punctuation, not the letters themselves. Also, if you are choosing the winner of the week, please email me rather than posting in the comments so I can moderate. I can now be reached at unbrokenhaiku [at] gmail [dot] com.

So our new first line is his verse won dark heart. Since we’re getting started so late (except for Sam2U, who was totally on top of things), I’ll give you until Wednesday, when I will be back with Seth’s pick.



4 Responses to “56th Challenge Result (his verse won dark heart.)”

  1. mattrix Says:

    His verse won?!? Dark heart
    I have. Revenge I will plan.
    Haiku I will break.

  2. Sam2U Says:

    His verse verse won. Dark, heart
    wrenching defeat… Metal rules.
    Verses, soiled again

  3. Ben Says:

    His verse won? Dark Heart,
    he penned it with his own blood!
    He wrote his heart out.

  4. Ben Says:

    His verse won. Dark heart
    succumbs to sweet words. That, and
    too much tequila.

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