52nd Challenge Result (fish eye creeps me out)

August 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary, haikuers! Yep, it has been approximately one year since I posted the first challenge. Thank you to everyone who has participated over the past year! You all ROCK. I’m hoping to put together a little zine with the first year of poems; I’ll keep you posted.

I’m going to turn things over to Kevin now:

O-tay. Here’s my judgements. I even commented on all of ’em, just so’s you don’t got to.

I identify with Seth’s ennui:

Blank stare and some drool.
That’s how my job ends each day.
Love my cubicle.

…and Ben’s lethargy:

Blank stare and some drool?
Took two Tylenol PM.
Tried to stay awake.

[Note from Joanna: Ben wrote one more after I received Kevin’s response but before I had posted it:

Blank stare and some drool…
and I let my drink get cold.
Topless coffee hut.

Alec channels Stanislavsky:

“Blank stare and some drool!”
I do love giving zombies
their stage directions

ismoon.maria goes for the gut:

(blank stare): “And some drool…”
that lecture grossed us all out
vomit heave vomit

Joanna comes so close to the finish line:

Blank stare and some drool:
Not the brightest of my dates
(Thank god he’s well-hung)

But as much as I love a good dick joke, Alec wins me over with sheer gross-out:

Blank stare and some drool.
Sure, the meal is fresh; but that
fish eye creeps me out

Alec FTW.

Thanks, Kevin! And congratulations to Alec! Our new first line is fish eye creeps me out. (Hmm, I could write the same haiku as I did this week and just replace this as the first line…) Anyway, get to it, and I’ll see you on Monday with Alec’s pick.



5 Responses to “52nd Challenge Result (fish eye creeps me out)”

  1. Kevin Moore Says:

    Fish eye creeps me out,
    but not as much as a fish
    eye lens draws me in.

  2. Kevin Moore Says:

    BTW – “topless coffee hut” should be patented.

  3. Leila Says:

    Fish eye creeps me out,
    Wasabi, soy sauce, ginger…
    Sushi 101

  4. debrarian Says:

    Fish Eye creeps me out,
    But not as much as his boss,
    Cod Liver Louie.

  5. debrarian Says:

    Fish eye creeps me out –
    And I’m not all that fond of
    Lobster lip, either.

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