51st Challenge Result (blank stare and some drool.)

August 5, 2009

Hello! It has cooled off a bit here, so I can think again. Yay! Let’s enjoy some haiku, shall we?

ismoon.maria went traveling:

ask for directions
i dare you crazy ass goon
new york attitude

and then stayed home:

“Ask for di” — “..rections
lasting more than four hours.”
Flippin’ channels bored.

Alec took a, um, hard line:

Ask Ford. Irections,
car companies… both just need
the right stimulus.

and gave us a bit of a warning:

Ask for directions,
and you risk getting it right
on the first attempt

jenny t dealt with the male ego:

Ask for directions –
he gets all huffy. Blow jobs
are complicated!

HAM! gave us two cautionary tales:

“Ask for directions??!?
Why would I do that?” I say
“I know where I’m – aaaaah!”


“Ask for directions??!?
Why?” said Bob. “I know where I’m -”
“Aaaaaah!” “Ouch!” THUD “uh-oh.”

Leila was hesitant:

Ask for directions?
Ummm… Okay…. Do you want it
Frontside or backside?

and Seth was hungry:

Ask for directions
But they’re all in Korean.
All I want is toast!

And now I will pass things over to Ben…

I liked HAM’s first attempt. I’ve been there.

Ismoon.Maria’s haiku appealed to my east coast roots.

But ultimately I have to choose Kevin Moore’s submission; and while I’m not sure where he is when he is asking for those directions, I think he should just get back in his car and keep driving!

Ask for directions
And what do you get? A long
blank stare and some drool.

Thanks, Ben! And congratulations to Kevin! Our new first line is blank stare and some drool. Heh. Have at it, and I will be back on Monday with Kevin Moore’s pick.



7 Responses to “51st Challenge Result (blank stare and some drool.)”

  1. Seth Says:

    Blank stare and some drool.
    That’s how my job ends each day.
    Love my cubicle.

  2. Ben Says:

    Blank stare and some drool?
    Took two Tylenol PM.
    Tried to stay awake.

  3. Alec Says:

    Blank stare and some drool.
    Sure, the meal is fresh; but that
    fish eye creeps me out

  4. Alec Says:

    “Blank stare and some drool!”
    I do love giving zombies
    their stage directions

  5. ismoon.maria Says:

    (blank stare): “And some drool…”
    that lecture grossed us all out
    vomit heave vomit

  6. Joanna Says:

    Blank stare and some drool:
    Not the brightest of my dates
    (Thank god he’s well-hung)

  7. Ben Says:

    Blank stare and some drool…
    and I let my drink get cold.
    Topless coffee hut.

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