50th Challenge Results (ask for directions.)

July 31, 2009

I know, I know, I’m extremely late this week. My only defense it that it has been approximately two bazillion degrees here in Portland; spending more than two minutes at a time in my sauna-like house was unbearable.

ismoon.maria understands what I’m talking about:

I miss the o…zone
Sunstroke…confusion. Baked
like a potato

jenny t prioritized:

I miss the ozone
But I also miss my spray-
on deodorant.

and Leila was cinematic:

I miss “The Oz”. One
never gets tired of the
Munchkins peppy dance!

And now we go to Alec, who is on vacation without internet access; Ben dutifully transcribed the following from a phone conversation:

I enjoyed the creative use of syllables, with bak-ed AND ti-yured; and I was enticed by Oz’s pizzazz but the lost man is such a compelling image and “ask for directions” is too good an opening line to pass up.

I miss the “O” zone
but I’m a man, so I won’t
ask for directions.

Since some of you may be suspicious with this selection coming from me via ben, here’s the lame haiku that you know no one but me would come up with.

I’m is the Oz one
follow the yello brik road
to my grammur skuul

Thanks, Alec! And congratulations to Ben, even if the circumstances are suspicious. 🙂 So our new first line is ask for directions. I’ll give you an extra day to work on that, and I’ll be back on Tuesday with Ben’s pick.



11 Responses to “50th Challenge Results (ask for directions.)”

  1. Kevin Moore Says:

    Ask for directions
    And what do you get? A long
    blank stare and some drool.

  2. ismoon.maria Says:

    ask for directions
    i dare you crazy ass goon
    new york attitude

  3. Alec Says:

    Ask Ford. Irections,
    car companies… both just need
    the right stimulus.

  4. Alec Says:

    Ask for directions,
    and you risk getting it right
    on the first attempt

  5. jenny t Says:

    Ask for directions –
    he gets all huffy. Blow jobs
    are complicated!

  6. HAM! Says:

    “Ask for directions??!?
    Why would I do that?” I say
    “I know where I’m – aaaaah!”

  7. HAM! Says:

    “Ask for directions??!?
    Why?” said Bob. “I know where I’m -”
    “Aaaaaah!” “Ouch!” THUD “uh-oh.”

  8. HAM! Says:

    Hmm. Comment with second (similar) Haiku didn’t come through. I didn’t want to decide which ending was better, so I’m leaving it to the judge!

  9. Leila Says:

    Ask for directions?
    Ummm… Okay…. Do you want it
    Frontside or backside?

  10. ismoon.maria Says:

    “Ask for di” — “..rections
    lasting more than four hours.”
    Flippin’ channels bored.

  11. Seth Says:

    Ask for directions
    But they’re all in Korean.
    All I want is toast!

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