49th Challenge Result (I miss the ozone…)

July 20, 2009

Hello! Before we get to Mad Dog’s pick, let’s review.

juju (Julianne) got us started with some shenanigans:

under the full moon
his jeans were pulled down too far…
Copenhagen lost.

HAM! discussed science:

Under the full moon,
are you really under it?
Space bamboozles me.

Ben planned his weekend:

Under the full moon
dispose of the bodies; then
check for witnesses

ismoon.maria looked a little too closely:

Under the full moon
seeing a rabbit or face
Scares me a bit, man

and helped us get dressed:

Under the full moon
furry legs, muscles, feet
find your underwear!

I got caught in the act:

Under the full moon
enough light for neighbors to
see naked romp. Oops.

and as for Kevin Moore:

Under the full moon
An empty parking lot is
Where I eat jello.

Mad Dog was most pleased with Alec’s submission, noting that “it has a certain haikuosity.”

Under the full moon
I wear SPF fifty
I miss the ozone…

Thanks, Mad Dog! And congratulations to Alec! Our new first line is I miss the ozone. Get creative, and I’ll see you on Monday with Alec’s pick.



4 Responses to “49th Challenge Result (I miss the ozone…)”

  1. ismoon.maria Says:

    I miss the o…zone
    Sunstroke…confusion. Baked
    like a potato

  2. jenny t Says:

    I miss the ozone
    But I also miss my spray-
    on deodorant.

  3. Ben Says:

    I miss the “O” zone
    but I’m a man, so I won’t
    ask for directions.

  4. Leila Says:

    I miss “The Oz”. One
    never gets tired of the
    Munchkins peppy dance!

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