48th Challenge Result (under the full moon)

July 13, 2009

Hi again! We appear to be in a bit of a summer haiku slump: only four new haiku this week! Good thing they were all awesome. And speaking of awesome, Sam2U managed to pick a winner on time, even though she is “currently in Ontario in a cabin by a lake with a very windy dock” and had to track down cell service to phone Ben who emailed me! Now that’s haiku dedication, y’all. Before we get to her pick, let’s admire the other entries:

mattrix toyed with the Dark Side:

My! We’re “Wolf Boy!” Friend,
stop snarling! Halloween is
over, Dick Cheney!

jenny t hit the salon:

My werewolf boyfriend –
I took him to Club Waxx for
some man/wolf-scaping.

Ben helped the folks put things in perspective:

My werewolf boyfriend;
so mom won’t mind next time I’m
dating a drummer

Sam2U was most impressed with newcomer Mad Dog’s dating woes:

my werewolf boyfriend
I cannot hold him at bay
under the full moon

Congratulations to Mad Dog! And thanks to Sam2U (and Ben)! Our new first line is under the full moon. Have at it, and I will be back on Monday with Mad Dog’s pick.



8 Responses to “48th Challenge Result (under the full moon)”

  1. juju (Julianne) Says:

    under the full moon
    his jeans were pulled down too far…
    Copenhagen lost. 😦

  2. Alec Says:

    Under the full moon
    I wear SPF fifty
    I miss the ozone…

  3. HAM! Says:

    Under the full moon,
    are you really under it?
    Space bamboozles me.

  4. Ben Says:

    Under the full moon
    dispose of the bodies; then
    check for witnesses

  5. ismoon.maria Says:

    Under the full moon
    seeing a rabbit or face
    Scares me a bit, man

  6. Joanna Says:

    Under the full moon
    enough light for neighbors to
    see naked romp. Oops.

  7. ismoon.maria Says:

    Under the full moon
    furry legs, muscles, feet
    find your underwear!

  8. Kevin Moore Says:

    Under the full moon
    An empty parking lot is
    Where I eat jello.

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