47th Challenge Result (my werewolf boyfriend.)

July 6, 2009

Hello haiku hotties! I hope you’re having a lovely July. Let’s appreciate some haiku!

mattrix wasn’t loafing around:

Now he’s such a heel,
Used to be upper crust, but
now: out of bread. D’oh!

jenny t expressed some anger:

“Now he’s such a heel…”
Rat…..Asshole…Dick….Fuckhead! She
said, working up steam.

Alec weighed in:

Now he’s such a heel
He can elevate your game
Pliant and bouncy

As did Iris:

Now he’s such a heel
as opposed to then
when he was so into Zen

All were great, and of course I loved mattrix’s multiple puns… But in the end, Sam2U’s dating woes won me over:

“…now he’s such a….” “Heel!
Leave it!” Its hard to defend
my werewolf boyfriend.

Congratulations to Sam2U! Our new first line is my werewolf boyfriend. Start writing, and I’ll be back on Monday with Sam2U’s pick.



4 Responses to “47th Challenge Result (my werewolf boyfriend.)”

  1. Mad Dog Says:

    my werewolf boyfriend
    I cannot hold him at bay
    under the full moon

  2. mattrix Says:

    My! We’re “Wolf Boy!” Friend,
    stop snarling! Halloween is
    over, Dick Cheney!

  3. jenny t Says:

    My werewolf boyfriend –
    I took him to Club Waxx for
    some man/wolf-scaping.

  4. Ben Says:

    My werewolf boyfriend;
    so mom won’t mind next time I’m
    dating a drummer

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