45th Challenge Result (Effing shoe fetish)

June 22, 2009

Happy summer! Before we get to Alec’s commentary and pick, let’s review all of the haiku.

Two great entries from CuJen:

Since I stole his phone,
You will have to take his pants.
“Double-Dog Dare” you!


Since I stole his phone
I love free texting!

From jenny t:

Since I stole his phone
God receives all his prayers old
school: brain dump. He’s mad.

And from me:

Since I stole his phone
he owes Sprint four hundred bucks
(Shouldn’t have dumped me)

And now I will hand it over to Alec:

A small but potent crop of Haiku this week, with lessons and laughs to make my judging job fun. I learned from JennyT that God likes technology more than I knew; Joanna’s tale of love spurned had just the right amount of vindictiveness; Cujen’s “Double Dog Dare” had me chuckling, and I loved her TXTNG FN. But when I got to IsMoon.Maria’s entry, I let out a full belly laugh. Who am I to argue with first impressions? The belly laugh wins.

Since I stole, his phone
is ringing, “Bail me out, dear”
Effing shoe fetish

Looks like we’ve got some Effing shoe fetishes to deal with this coming week….

Thanks, Alec! And congratulations to ismoon.maria! Our new first line is Effing shoe fetish. Get to work, and I’ll be back with ismoon.maria’s pick next Monday.



5 Responses to “45th Challenge Result (Effing shoe fetish)”

  1. Becki Says:

    Effing shoe fetish
    Geeing up for gravity
    “H”ing to the hey!

    That was complete and utter crap, but I couldn’t ignore your plea. How do you spell the letter H anyway?

  2. Jen Says:

    Effing shoe fetish
    Caught under a table. Dang,
    her toes looked 18

    This haiku is based upon a real event. Creepy, but real. No Joanna, it wasn’t me. I swear.

  3. CuJen Says:

    “Effing shoe fetish?!?!??!!”
    Can’t start a Haiku with that!
    School’s out — brain’s on strike!

  4. jenny t Says:

    Effing shoe fetish!
    Sounds sexy, but frankly, makes
    one prone to bunions.

  5. Joanna Says:

    “Effing shoe fetish
    stole his sole,” she said archly.
    “Now he’s such a heel.”

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