44th Challenge Results (since I stole his phone.)

June 15, 2009

Look at me, posting on time! Miracles do happen! Speaking of, let’s get to the haiku:

ismoon.maria started us off on the theological bent:

My pastor’s ring tone.
It’s bitchin’ for atheists
like me, in my head

jenny t followed up with this (note: this was Sam2U’s runner-up pick):

My pastor’s ring tone:
“What would Jesus do? He’d say:
answer the damn phone!”

and this:

My pastor’s ring tone:
“Baby got back…greenback….so
tithe mo’tho-’fo, tithe.”

david r voiced his discomfort:

My pastor’s ring tone:
“Backdoor Betty, She’s my Gal”
Just doesn’t seem right…

And then there was julianne:

My pastor’s ring tone
startles me… (oops) too many
virtual confessions.

Ben considered two possibilities:

My pastor’s ring tone,
“Get off of my cloud”, makes me
think heaven’s crowded.


My pastor’s ring tone?
“Dick In A Box.” I’m going
to hell for that one.

And Alec might be on something:

My past? or ’sring tone?
Mumbling indistinctly,
I ponder flashbacks.

But it was Alec’s confession that won Sam2U’s haiku heart:

My pastor’s ring tone
Makes me feel guilty each day…
since I stole his phone.

Thanks, Sam2U! And congratulations to Alec! Our new first line is since I stole his phone. Have at it, and I’ll be back on Monday with Alec’s pick.



5 Responses to “44th Challenge Results (since I stole his phone.)”

  1. CuJen Says:

    Since I stole his phone,
    You will have to take his pants.
    “Double-Dog Dare” you!

  2. CuJen Says:

    Since I stole his phone
    I love free texting!

  3. jenny t Says:

    Since I stole his phone
    God receives all his prayers old
    school: brain dump. He’s mad.

  4. ismoon.maria Says:

    Since I stole, his phone
    is ringing, “Bail me out, dear”
    Effing shoe fetish

  5. Joanna Says:

    Since I stole his phone
    he owes Sprint four hundred bucks
    (Shouldn’t have dumped me)

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