42nd Challenge Result (who will save their souls?)

June 5, 2009

AAAAAHHHHH!!! I am so late this time. My apologies; I’ve been out of town and away from the interwebs all week, and I forgot to post before I left. Let’s get to the penguins, quick!

jenny t started us off with a pun after my own heart:

Of sinful penguins
I sing. Those stately yet ‘fowl’-
mouthed little buggers.

Ben decried messing with a legacy:

…of sinful penguins?
This ain’t “Walt’s” Disney. What’s next?
Some mermaids gone wild?

and evaluated his diet:

…of sinful penguins?
Man, that dream was wack! No more,
with the spicy Thai.

Leila talked sports, sort of:

“…of sinful Penguins.
Let’s try to get them real drunk,”
said Red Wing local.

mattrix gave us a lesson in literature:

“Of Sinful Penguins” –
Just the first draft. Final draft:
“Of Mice and Men.” Score!

Sam2U addressed some rumors:

“… Of sinful penguins,
ye shall vanquish.” read the seal.
Snopes could not confirm.

Beth addressed consequences:

Of sinful penguins
The best laid eggs go awry
Must hire a sitter

Alec read some ads:

“…of sinful penguins!!”
Really? For barrels of fun,
I thought monkeys best.

Julianne schooled us on the sciences, both evolutionary:

Of sinful penguins
Darwin thought, “Tuxedo as

…and library:

[“Of Sinful Pen” – Guin,
Le, Ursula K.] … a book
forever misshelved.

And Kevin Moore went out to eat (and added a letter):

Of sin, full penguins
agree: KFC is still

All wonderful; but in the end, Julianne’s “obviously this isn’t an official entry” referencing this ridiculous discussion amused me so much that I decided to call it an official entry:

Of sinful penguins
undue concern is expressed…
who will save their souls?

Congratulations to Julianne! Our new first line is who will save their souls? Since I am posting this so late in the week, I will give you all until Tuesday to get creative; I’ll see you then with Julianne’s pick!



5 Responses to “42nd Challenge Result (who will save their souls?)”

  1. Sam2U Says:

    “… who will save their souls
    Yada daht da dada ”
    My pastor’s ring tone.

  2. Sam2U Says:

    “Who” will save their souls!
    … He is a real doctor, right?
    TV has failed me.

  3. Iris Armos Says:

    Who will save their souls
    is unknown to me.
    Who will save mine?

  4. Joanna Says:

    Who will save their souls;
    he’s a faith healer as well
    as a first baseman.

  5. CuJen Says:

    Who will save their souls,
    Beatles will clear their acne;
    Rock and roll cures all!

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