41st Challenge Result (of sinful penguins)

May 26, 2009

Sorry for the posting delay! I’m going to turn things right over to Alec:

Sorry for the late selection of the winner! Though oddly appropriate for a set of Haikus starting with “Hell Freezes Over”…. Before I get to my selection, a review of this week’s candidates:

mattrix attributed global warming to diabolical heat pumps (Hmm… Thermodynamics really is hell! That 2nd year engineering course is starting to make more sense now)

Hell freezes over
Twelve percent of new inmates.
Thanks, global warming!

Julianne posited that the Wall Street mess is having an even more widespread effect than any of us had thought…

Hell freezes, over-
head is as expensive as
Wall Street’s sinful ways.

Sam2U went where non-Canadians go only at their own risk…

Hell Freezes Over:
Canadians have a chance
to win Stanley Cup.

…pushing Mr. Dangerfield – I mean, CuJen – to pull the “No respect!” card followed by this Haiku… (Can you hear the plaintive call for simpler days when hockey and weather followed rules you could count on?)

Hell freezes over!
Hockey’s played in the desert.
Winnipeg’s too warm.

Julianne saw a less-than-splendid ending to her own story…

Hell freezes over
my dead body, while angels’
guitars grimly reap.

Kevin Moore found the perfect probability match between Hell shut-down and healthy eating…

Hell freezes over,
my mom stops feeding sugar
to my rabid kids.

…and HAM! pictured what an appropriate comeuppance for Hell’s CEO might look like

Hell freezes over
and the Devil gets brain freeze
when the yetis come.

[Joanna here with a quick interjection–In the brief time between Alec choosing a haiku and me getting this posted, two more haiku appeared. Here they are for your reading pleasure.

From Ben:

Hell freezes over.
Devil moves to Florida.
Finds heat oppressive.

And from Julianne:

Ronco’s latest appliance
…as seen on TV!

Okay, carry on, Alec!]

Kevin’s and HAM’s both gave me chuckles, and were vying for the prize, until…

…A last-minute entry from Joanna hit the “save the best ‘til last” nail on the head, giving us our winner of:

Hell freezes over
preparing for an influx
of sinful penguins.

Thanks, Alec! And yay, Me! Our new first line is of sinful penguins. Start writing, and I’ll see you next Monday with MY pick!



12 Responses to “41st Challenge Result (of sinful penguins)”

  1. jenny t Says:

    Of sinful penguins
    I sing. Those stately yet ‘fowl’-
    mouthed little buggers.

  2. Ben Says:

    …of sinful penguins?
    This ain’t “Walt’s” Disney. What’s next?
    Some mermaids gone wild?

  3. Leila Says:

    “…of sinful Penguins.
    Let’s try to get them real drunk,”
    said Red Wing local.

  4. mattrix Says:

    “Of Sinful Penguins” —
    Just the first draft. Final draft:
    “Of Mice and Men.” Score!

  5. Ben Says:

    …of sinful penguins?
    Man, that dream was wack! No more,
    with the spicy Thai.

  6. Sam2U Says:

    “… Of sinful penguins,
    ye shall vanquish.” read the seal.
    Snopes could not confirm.

  7. Beth Says:

    Of sinful penguins
    The best laid eggs go awry
    Must hire a sitter

  8. Alec Says:

    “…of sinful penguins!!”
    Really? For barrels of fun,
    I thought monkeys best.

  9. Julianne Says:

    Of sinful penguins
    Darwin thought, “Tuxedo as

  10. Julianne Says:

    [“Of Sinful Pen” – Guin,
    Le, Ursula K.] … a book
    forever misshelved.

  11. Julianne Says:

    Of sinful penguins
    undue concern is expressed…
    who will save their souls?

    (see: http://tinyurl.com/lpnzun)

    obviously this isn’t an official entry, but i thought it fun to share…

  12. Kevin Moore Says:

    Of sin, full penguins
    agree: KFC is still

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