40th Challenge Result (‘Hellfreezesover’…”)

May 18, 2009

Hello haikuers! I’m going to turn things right over to Sam2U:

This week in haiku…

Kevin reminded us of proper etiquette:

When called to post bail
it is always appropriate
to tip the jailer.

Ben shared his sense of justice:

When called to post bail
say “this hurts me more than you”
and leave dad in jail.

CuJen showed she is a Gibson-girl:

When called to post bail
I was “starstruck”…then confused…
Mel knows my number?

[Note: There was another last minute entry from CuJen:

When called to post bail,
Don’t expect she’ll go ‘halvesies’
Even on the gas.

Julianne divulged us in her secret:

When called to post bail,
my licentious past revealed…
which Daniel is this?!

Ben let us in on the message Kato spaced:

When called to post bail,
cash is stashed in white bronco.
Ignore bloody glove.

Leila has a thoughtful plan in place:

When called to post bail,
please remember to bring me
some fresh underwear.

While Jenny let ‘er rip:

When called to post, Bail-
ey stood in her stirrups to
protect her young butt.

Alec had some good advice about taking phone calls:

When called to post bail,
Try not to laugh. Or hang up.
They know your address.

It was a hard decision, but because of the way my day has been going, I choose Mr. Alec Hellfreezesover’s:

When, called to post bail:
“You do know my last name is

PS The last line of Alec’s paranoid haiku inspired:

They know you. Rad dress,
strategically placed fruit
… unforgettable.

Thanks, Sam2U! And congratulations to Alec! Our new first line is ‘Hellfreezesover’…” As always, punctuation and capitalization can be changed. Get cracking, and I’ll be back on Monday with Alec’s pick!



11 Responses to “40th Challenge Result (‘Hellfreezesover’…”)”

  1. mattrix Says:

    Hell freezes over
    Twelve percent of new inmates.
    Thanks, global warming!

  2. Sam2U Says:

    Hell Freezes Over:
    Canadians have a chance
    to win Stanley Cup.

    (poetry can be so cruel)

    • CuJen Says:

      Note to Sam…
      Canadians win the Stanley Cup every year (although the Europeans help from time to time!). If you mean to mock the team from Montreal, then at least spell their name correctly (“Les Canadiens!”). Ah yes, your wannabe-Canadian training never ends!!

  3. CuJen Says:

    Hell freezes over!
    Hockey’s played in the desert.
    Winnipeg’s too warm.

    (I hope Sam gets the references!)

  4. Julianne Says:

    Hell freezes over
    my dead body, while angels’
    guitars grimly reap.

  5. Kevin Moore Says:

    Hell freezes over,
    my mom stops feeding sugar
    to my rabid kids.

  6. HAM! Says:

    Hell freezes over
    and the Devil gets brain freeze
    when the yetis come.

  7. Joanna Says:

    Hell freezes over
    preparing for an influx
    of sinful penguins.

  8. Ben Says:

    Hell freezes over.
    Devil moves to Florida.
    Finds heat oppressive.

  9. Julianne Says:

    Ronco’s latest appliance
    …as seen on TV!

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