38th Challenge Result (mother’s self-esteem.)

May 5, 2009

I apologize for the tardiness of this entry! I will not waste any more time; take it away, Sam2U!

Mattrix’ grandma sounded scary.

My grandma’s secret-
ing foul pus from every pore,
And that’s no secret.

I think I sat by ismoon.maria’s grandma on a bus.

My! Grandma’s secret
was shocking. She snored so loud
I screamed “Aaaahh!” Then laughed.

Leila went for the cookie making grandma and showed she is oh SO great with the onomasiology (unless she meant Yoko?).

My Grandma’s Secret
Chocolate Chip Cookies are
so “Onolicious”!

[Interjection from Joanna: “Ono” is the Hawaiian word for “yummy”; so “onolicious” is Hawaiian pidgin for “really yummy”. My girl Leila is posting from my island of origin, Oahu. This concludes today’s linguistics lesson. Mahalo nui loa!]

CuJen brought up secret ingredients…

My Grandma’s secret
diary? I shouldn’t have.
I don’t drink tea now.

I couldn’t resist adding my Super-Gram image – inspired by the dreaded start of the swimsuit season.

My Grandma’s secret
identity kept her in
spandex *way* too long.

Jen’s start off was close to my heart with an accurate portrayal… .

My Grandma’s secret:
lipstick, bingo, fill purse at
buffet, take no shit

But, my choice is… jenny t’s because it cut to the quick of the power of a grandmother.

My Grandma’s secret:
snide jabs that wore away my
mother’s self-esteem.

Thanks, Sam2U! And congratulations, jenny t! Our new first line is mother’s self-esteem. As always, capitalization and punctuation are changeable. Start creating, and I will see you next Monday (no, really! this time i mean it) with jenny t’s pick.



5 Responses to “38th Challenge Result (mother’s self-esteem.)”

  1. Ben Says:

    Mother’s self-esteem…
    shaky at best. So eat that
    “casserole” and smile.

  2. Ben Says:

    Mother’s self-esteem?
    Based on our natural love.
    (Bolstered with baked goods.)

  3. Sam2U Says:

    Mother’s self-esteem
    is linked to her reflection
    in the chrome toaster.

  4. CuJen Says:

    Mother’s self-esteem?
    Unjustifiably high!
    Who wears THAT outside???

  5. Sam2U Says:

    Mother’s self-esteem
    grew when giving birth, but dropped
    when called to post bail.

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