36th Challenge Result (Finish with wafers.)

April 20, 2009

Hello again! I’m going to turn the blog right on over to Ben:

jenny t tapped into every young boy’s fantasy with her haiku:

“Now, take your top off.”
Mind control is a handy

skill for a teen boy.

And continued with a haiku I wanted to pick just to see how everyone would handle the last line:

“Now, take your top off.

Motorboat commencing! Buh…..

bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbb.” gasp….”bbbrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbb” gasp “brrrrrrbbbbbbbb.”

CuJen offered a haiku that left an indelible impression with:

Now take your top off.

Seriously?? Tweety Bird??

That’s your “sweet” tattoo??

And another haiku from CuJen stayed in the body altering state of mind with:

Now take your top off.

Uh-huh…as I suspected…

He boobed your boob job.

I was in Portland this weekend and it was absolutely gorgeous. Spring is in the air and Nancy’s submission was a contender all week, as I loved her imagery and last line from her haiku:

Now take your top off,
we’ll go for a spin, fresh air
soothe the savage breast

But I ultimately went with another submission from CuJen that was just too tasty to pass up. This weeks winning selection is:

Now take your top off.

Lick the vanilla centre.

Finish with wafers.

Thanks, Ben! Congratulations, CuJen! Our new first line is Finish with wafers. Get writing, and I’ll see you all next Monday with CuJen’s pick.



8 Responses to “36th Challenge Result (Finish with wafers.)”

  1. Sam2U Says:

    “Finish with wafers,
    Mr Creosote…” Ka-BLOOM!
    Maître D’ advice.

  2. Sam2U Says:

    “Finish with wafers
    and Cool Whip to hide charred spots.”
    My Grandma’s secret.

  3. Alec Says:

    “Fin-ish with wafers”
    spoke the headline for news on
    Communion with sharks.

  4. Ben Says:

    …finish with wafers.
    But we are all out! Can I
    use graham crackers?

  5. Ben Says:

    Finish with wafers!?
    They were all out of matzah?
    Worst. Seder. Ever.

  6. jenny t Says:

    Cookie shuriken will take
    your head right off, dude.

  7. Joanna Says:

    Finish with wafers?
    Catholics are so lucky
    They get snacks at Mass.

  8. Leila Says:

    Finish with wafers,
    but don’t forget the cherries.
    Risquè bikini.

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