34th Challenge Result (my mom is Kate Moss)

April 6, 2009

Hello, happy haiku-ers! Before I turn things over to Ben, let’s review the current poems.

Leila took us to the doctor:

Lists the new gyno.

Sam2u was nostalgic:

“Paper, Pens, Cocaine”
Playing Rochambeau has changed.
Scissors used to rock.

jenny t celebrated innovation:

Paper! Pens! Cocaine!
Fantastic inventions for
the creative class.

david r frolicked in the desert:

Paper! Pens! Cocaine!
Trapper Keeper! X-TC!
Burning Man High, Rocks!

And I went back to school:

Paper, pens, cocaine.
Yep, mom, I’m ready to go
take the SATs.

Here’s Ben:

I was going to go with Sam2u’s “Scissors used to rock”, with it’s implied “Kid’s today…” vibe but then I saw Jenny’s “(My mom is Kate Moss)”, which frightened me for the poor kid – after I stopped laughing. Jenny’s haiku wins.

“Paper, Pens, Cocaine!”
my mom packs my bag for school.
(my mom is Kate Moss).

Thanks, Ben! Congratulations, jenny t! Our new first line is (my mom is Kate Moss). Start writing! I’ll be back next Monday with jenny t’s pick.



5 Responses to “34th Challenge Result (my mom is Kate Moss)”

  1. CuJen Says:

    My mom is Kate Moss,
    Papa was a Rolling Stone.
    How’d he gather her?

  2. Ben Says:

    My mom is Kate Moss.
    I’m the best dressed girl in school.
    Please, won’t you feed me?

  3. Ben Says:

    My mom is Kate Moss.
    This is how we always eat.
    Now, take your top off.

  4. Izetta Irwin Says:

    My mom is Kate Moss
    Her surgery sterile fridge
    Empty of hunger

  5. Leila Says:

    “My …Mom is Kate Moss…
    which makes you a …Pimp Daddy?”
    “Parents, please behave!”

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