33rd Challenge Result (Paper! Pens! Cocaine!)

March 31, 2009

Hey y’all! You rocked it yet again! Before Leila announces the winner, let’s take a moment to appreciate the newest haiku:

Diana addressed one of life’s difficult choices:

Breaks: the great haiku
to read for 15
minutes or the new “People”?

Sam2u acknowledged a powerful deity:

Breaks! The Great Haiku
has spoken. Stop the car to
walk barefoot on sand.

and called for caffeine:

Breaks. The great haiku
will have to wait until I
get some more coffee.

Leila moved all sexy-like:

Breaks “The Great Haiku”
is poetry in motion.
Undulating us.

CuJen provided a study in contrasts:

Breaks! The Great Haiku
destroys everything in sight!
Lil’ Verse? More genteel.

and called for snacks:

Breaks…the great Haiku
cannot be written without
java, muffin, mint.

Ben talked monikers:

“Breaks”. “The Great Haiku”.
Bad nicknames, but none worse than
poor “He-she McGee”.

ismoon.maria voiced frustration:

“…breaks the…?” Great. Haiku
writer’s block reminds me there’s
no butter in hell

Alec attacked from the shadows:

Breaks the great Haiku,
Knocks free verse upside the head.
Poetry ninja!

and gave us a cautionary tale:

Breaks the great Haiku
And loses license to rhyme.
Poetic justice.

In the end, Leila decided that “we should adopt Ben’s inspiring haiku as our motto!”:

Breaks? The Great Haiku
needs no breaks! I’ll do more lines!
Paper! Pens! Cocaine!

Thanks, Leila! And congratulations, Ben! Our new first line is Paper! Pens! Cocaine! Start writing; I will be back on our regularly scheduled Monday with Ben’s pick.



7 Responses to “33rd Challenge Result (Paper! Pens! Cocaine!)”

  1. leila Says:

    “PAP…er… PENS. COCAINE.” “I mean, PENIS. LIDOCAINE.” Lists the new Gyno.

  2. Sam2U Says:

    “Paper, Pens, Cocaine”
    Playing Rochambeau has changed.
    Scissors used to rock.

  3. Leila Says:

    “I mean, PENIS, LIDOCAINE.”
    Lists the new gyno.

  4. jenny t Says:

    “Paper, Pens, Cocaine!”
    my mom packs my bag for school.
    (my mom is Kate Moss).

  5. jenny t Says:

    Paper! Pens! Cocaine!
    Fantastic inventions for
    the creative class.

  6. david r Says:

    Paper! Pens! Cocaine!
    Trapper Keeper! X-TC!
    Burning Man High, Rocks!

  7. Joanna Says:

    Paper, pens, cocaine.
    Yep, mom,I’m ready to go
    take the SATs.

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