31st Challenge Result (For mischief, mayhem.)

March 16, 2009

Hello again! So, I finally get to pick a winner once more, and I only get five haiku to choose from?! Lucky for me, they were all fabulous! Let’s get to it:

Ben gave us a little PSA:

First grade? Report card.
First offence? Misdemeanor.
Good choices? Priceless.

and threw a little tantrum:

First grade report card,
all A’s! But Mom, Dad promised
I’d get a puppy!

ismoon.maria was not impressed with our homework:

First, grade report. Card
catalog is gone, so that’s
a point off right there.

And Leila reminded us of the woes of childhood:

First Grade report card.
Teeth fall out in the school yard.
Being six is hard.

It was a tough call, but in the end I fell in love with jenny t’s alliteration:

First grade report card
Foreshadowed her tendency
For mischief, mayhem.

Yay, jenny t! This means that our new first line is For mischief, mayhem. I’ll see you next Monday with jenny t’s pick.



6 Responses to “31st Challenge Result (For mischief, mayhem.)”

  1. CuJen Says:

    For mischief, may hem
    your pants closed at the bottom.
    Catwalks spur cat fights!

  2. Ben Says:

    “For mischief, mayhem!”
    I see now, was a very
    bad wedding toast choice.

  3. mattrix Says:

    “Form is chi! Ef mayhem!”
    cursed the spiritual, foul-mouthed
    yoga instructor

  4. Ben Says:

    For mischief, mayhem,
    some use firecrackers indoors
    but I like greased pigs.

  5. Leila Says:

    “For ‘Mischief, Mayhem:’
    S & M can be handy.”
    (kinky sex lesson)

  6. Leila Says:

    For Mis’ Chief: Mayhem
    will occur if Joanna
    breaks “The Great Haiku”

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