30th Challenge Result (First grade report card.)

March 9, 2009

Hello again! Another week of excellent poetry; let’s examine!

Sam2U had an impressive burst of creativity this week; first reminding Janet Leigh to be careful what she wished for:

Maybe a psycho
is JUST what this hotel needs…
Thoughts in a shower.

then discussing family relations

May be a “psycho,”
but she is my brother’s wife.
…. Was she listening?

and trying to be sensitive to the differently-minded:

Maybe “a psycho”
is a bit harsh. How about:
“sanity challenged?”

and reminding us why we’re all here:

May be a psycho,
concocting haiku would write:
All work and no play…

At this point, CuJen decided to do an intervention:

Maybe a psycho
would concoct haikus all week!
Is Sam2u well?

to which Sam2U countered:

May be a psycho
but she’s the sister-in-law
who could kick my ass.

You goshdarn kids, don’t make me turn this car around!

jenny t conversed with herself:

Maybe a psycho,
maybe not. The voices in
my head can’t decide.

Alec consulted the reference books:

May be a psycho,
June be calm with steady breeze.
Pirates’ Almanac.

And ismoon.maria took us to school:

“May be a psyc… – HO!”
interrupted professor
big spider on notes

And now I’ll hand things over to Ben:

I really liked the first one from Sam2u referencing Hitchcock, and I was going to pick Alec’s “Pirate’s Almanac”, especially when I read it through the second time using my pirate voice but when I got to yours I laughed. Good penmanship excuses a lot, and I don’t have good penmanship.

“May be a psycho,
but lovely penmanship.” My
First grade report card.

Yep, I won this week! Thanks, Ben! Congratulations, me! (Oh, and for the record, that haiku isn’t exactly actually true. I have always had lousy penmanship.) Our new first line is First grade report card. Y’all know the drill; start writing, and I’ll be back on Monday with my pick!



5 Responses to “30th Challenge Result (First grade report card.)”

  1. Ben Says:

    First grade? Report card.
    First offence? Misdemeanor.
    Good choices? Priceless.

  2. ismoon.maria Says:

    First, grade report. Card
    catalog is gone, so that’s
    a point off right there.

  3. Ben Says:

    First grade report card,
    all A’s! But Mom, Dad promised
    I’d get a puppy!

  4. jenny t Says:

    First grade report card
    Foreshadowed her tendency
    For mischief, mayhem.

  5. Leila Says:

    First Grade report card.
    Teeth fall out in the school yard.
    Being six is hard.

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