29th Challenge Result (may be a psycho!)

March 2, 2009

Hello! Before we get to ismoon.maria’s pick of the week, let’s review the lovely and disturbing submissions!

Kevin Moore started us off with this adage that has undoubtedly passed down through the generations of his family:

Have no friends? Scary!
Have too many friends? Wary.
Have one friend? Marry!

Leila’s haiku was a little “meta”, as the kids say:

Have no friends? Scary
obsession with syllables?
Haiku is for you!

ismoon.maria took us to Broadway (and got a song stuck in my head):

“Have no…friends (scary!),
ain’t got no mind (lost it!)” Hair
revival was great.

Alec talked about his obsession:

Have no friends. Scary.
Backmasked records are my life.
I am the Walrus.

Sam2U gave us some good advice:

Have no friends scary
enough to keep creeps away?
Be smart… carry spray.

and commented on our lifestyle:

Have no friends? scary
habits? Way to age your ‘rents.
… But, aren’t you thirty?

and posted an employment opportunity:

Have no friends? scary
mysteries your thing? Rad vans?
Scooby Doo needs YOU!

It’s undoubtedly a sign of hope in this economy that CuJen also posted a job notice:

Have no friends? Scary
Larry’s adding to his crew.
Great paint jobs — low price!

I channeled a monster:

“Have no friends. ‘Scary’
murder habit turns folks off.”
The werewolf’s lament.

And jenny t gave it to us straight:

Have no friends? Scary
combo of standing too close
and bad breath is cause.

After deliberation, ismoon.maria chose this gem from Ben:

Have no friends? Scary
voices in your head? You just
may be a psycho!

Thanks, ismoon.maria! And congratulations to Ben! Our new first line is may be a psycho! Capitalization and punctuation are, as always, yours to play with. I’ll see you next Monday with Ben’s pick!



11 Responses to “29th Challenge Result (may be a psycho!)”

  1. Sam2U Says:

    Maybe a psycho
    is JUST what this hotel needs…
    Thoughts in a shower.

  2. Sam2U Says:

    May be a “psycho,”
    but she is my brother’s wife.
    …. Was she listening?

  3. Sam2U Says:

    Maybe “a psycho”
    is a bit harsh. How about:
    “sanity challenged?”

  4. Sam2U Says:

    May be a psycho,
    concocting haiku would write:
    All work and no play…

  5. jenny t Says:

    Maybe a psycho,
    maybe not. The voices in
    my head can’t decide.

  6. Alec Says:

    May be a psycho,
    June be calm with steady breeze.
    Pirates’ Almanac.

  7. ismoon.maria Says:

    “May be a psyc… – HO!”
    interrupted professor
    big spider on notes

  8. Joanna Says:

    “May be a psycho,
    but lovely penmanship.” My
    First grade report card.

  9. CuJen Says:

    Maybe a psycho
    would concoct haikus all week!
    Is Sam2u well?

  10. CuJen Says:

    Maybe a psycho
    could explain my crying child.
    Sane thoughts do not help!

  11. Sam2U Says:

    Yeah, CuJen… it was one of those weeks, but I though of you:

    May be a psycho
    but she’s the sister-in-law
    who could kick my ass.

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