28th Challenge Result (have no friends. Scary!)

February 23, 2009

Hello again! Take it away, Cujen:

The pickings were a little slimmer this week at the pound. I guess fewer people were feeling qualified in the pet therapy department. What came in, however, was quite entertaining.

Kevin started us off with the harsh realities of petdom…

Pets need advice, too
little guidance in this harsh,
unforgiving world.

…but then gave the little critters some practical tips…

“Pets? Need advice. Too
many suitors. Whom to pick?”
“The one with treats. Duh.”

Leila was practical as well (if a bit ominous!)…

Pets! Need advice? Too
much money to buy your food.
Better get a job.

HAM! reminded us that we’re all a bit messed up…

Pets need advice, too.
After watching “it’s me or
the dog,” I agree.

Joanna took us the route of good ol’ fashioned newspaper advice…

Pets need advice, too;
how else to explain the long
run of Dear Tabby?

Ben drew on excellent childhood Disney memories…

Pets need advice, too.
Relationship questions? Watch
“Lady and the Tramp”.

…while Alec perpetuated another childhood myth of “Barney went to live on a farm!”…

Pets need advice too.
Barney in Crawford writes: “Help!
Miss old house. Hate farm.”

I almost missed a couple of late entries (after all, I’m in the Eastern time zone!), but Sam2u had some poignant (if punny) advice questions…

Pets need advice, too:
What whine goes best with begging?
Coping with smell blame?

….. and I’ll admit that HAM!’s second entry lost me momentarily in the transition, but was clever enough to gain an “honourable mention” …

Pets need: ad “vice” too
“president” and you will know.
Well, that and spell check.

…which brings us to my pick of the week from ismoon.maria, who reminded me of the day I realized I was 28 cats short of being one of those crazy women with 30 cats!

Pets? Need advice? Too
many crazy cat ladies
have no friends. Scary!

Thanks, CuJen! And congratulations to ismoon.maria! Our new first line is have no friends. Scary! As usual, you may play with capitalization and punctuation if you wish. I will be back next Monday with ismoon.maria’s pick.



11 Responses to “28th Challenge Result (have no friends. Scary!)”

  1. Kevin Moore Says:

    Have no friends? Scary!
    Have too many friends? Wary.
    Have one friend? Marry!

  2. Leila Says:

    Have no friends? Scary
    obsession with syllables?
    Haiku is for you!

  3. Ben Says:

    Have no friends? Scary
    voices in your head? You just
    may be a psycho!

  4. ismoon.maria Says:

    “Have no…friends (scary!),
    ain’t got no mind (lost it!)” Hair
    revival was great.

  5. Alec Says:

    Have no friends. Scary.
    Backmasked records are my life.
    I am the Walrus.

  6. Sam2U Says:

    Have no friends? scary
    mysteries your thing? Rad vans?
    Scooby Doo needs YOU!

  7. Sam2U Says:

    Have no friends scary
    enough to keep creeps away?
    Be smart… carry spray.

  8. Sam2U Says:

    Have no friends? scary
    habits? Way to age your ‘rents.
    … But, aren’t you thirty?

  9. Joanna Says:

    “Have no friends. ‘Scary’
    murder habit turns folks off.”
    The werewolf’s lament.

  10. jenny t Says:

    Have no friends? Scary
    combo of standing too close
    and bad breath is cause.

  11. CuJen Says:

    Have no friends? Scary
    Larry’s adding to his crew.
    Great paint jobs — low price!

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