24th Challenge Result (Boarding school for me!)

January 26, 2009

Greetings! I’m going to hand this over to Sam2U:

This week’s crop of Haiku was fruitful & multiplied:

From Alec (I love that eternity/maternity word play):

My parents first date…
Seemed like a maternity
’til they’d be married.

From Joanna:

My parents’ first date
Boones wine, high school parking lot
Nine months later, me

And literally fruit-full

From Alec:

My parents first date.
They didn’t really like it –
Too dry and chewy

Ben was a bit tight-lipped about his parents’ dating history:

My parents first date?
Since I’m here, I’m guessing it
probably went well.

But then, Ben got all romantic n’ stuff:

My parents first date.
Before they finished dinner
she knew, “he’s the one.”

[Interjection from Joanna: ismoon.maria posted a haiku after Sam2U had emailed me, so here is her haiku:

My! Parents first date?
Mine were slutty, I was at
their union…bastard.

Carry on, Sam2U!]

The Joanna’s was my fave (that Boones wine reference got me), with Alec’s literal date in 2nd place (excellent starter line), until the new-comer CuJen sent us to boarding school. Yeah, I’m a fickle jerk.

My final choice is, CuJen’s:

My parents first date,
then sign the binding contract.
Boarding school for me!

Thanks Sam2U! And congratulations to CuJen, who won her first time out of the gate! Our new first line is Boarding school for me! Remember, punctuation and capitalization can be changed. I will see you on Monday with CuJen’s pick.



14 Responses to “24th Challenge Result (Boarding school for me!)”

  1. jenny t Says:

    Boarding school for me –
    My ‘rents were mad I fed our
    hamster to the cat.

  2. Alec Says:

    Boarding School for me,
    Hammer Academy for you.
    Carpenters R Us!

  3. Alec Says:

    Turns out I can’t count.
    Bad Hammer Academy!
    Boarding School, V2:

    Boarding School for me,
    Nail Academy for you.
    Carpenters R Us!

  4. Sam2u Says:

    Boarding School Form “E”?
    Whoa… too much paperwork, dude.
    I just want to shred!

  5. Ben Says:

    Boarding School for me?!
    Power mad flight attendant…
    …I just wanted nuts.

  6. Ben Says:

    Boarding School for me?
    Dude… it wasn’t even mine!
    Harshing my mellow.

  7. jenny t Says:

    Boarding school for me?
    A dream come true! I love the

  8. Sam2u Says:

    Boarding school for me,
    thus, my haiku hiatus.
    So, where is Kevin?

  9. Kevin Moore Says:

    “Boarding school for me:
    Rum, sodomy and the lash,”
    Said Winston Churchill.

    (Pssst – actually, it was about the Naval Acadey, and he didn’t say it anyway: http://www.winstonchurchill.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=112)

  10. Kevin Moore Says:

    Boarding school for me?
    Here I am! Who is asking?
    Oh…the headmaster….

  11. Kevin Moore Says:

    “Boarding school? For me?!
    Oh, you shouldn’t have! It’s just
    Perfect!” (Aside: “Ass.”)

  12. Alec Says:

    “Boar.” Ding! School for me
    was best when the answers were

  13. ismoon.maria Says:

    Boarding school for me!
    I guess I shouldn’t have screamed!
    “Fuck off, you assholes!”

  14. Joanna Says:

    Boarding school, for me,
    was an introduction to
    bondage and torment.

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