Twenty-Second Challenge Result (“D cups! Schwing!” he said.)

January 13, 2009

Hello! Alec & Sam2u did an excellent job of collaborating on this week’s blog entry, so I’m going to turn things right over to them:

Kevin started off dazzling us with his vocabulary. Alec says “thank you, Kevin, for (a) forcing me to look in the dictionary, and (b) making me wish that I hadn’t.” Sam2u can’t wait to use it in a crossword puzzle:

Bring this big top down
Before mommy comes in and
Cries, “Onanism!”

Ben got all festive:

Bring this big top down;
tell the kids it’s a dreidel.
Festival of lights.

Then shared his local lament:

Bring this big top down –
rag top cruisin’ in the sun.
Damn Seattle rain.

Sarah L. shared her prescriptive secret:

Bring this big top down!
Where are my tranquilizers?
Low clown tolerance.

Sam2u favored Ismoon.maria’s entry on the attempt of getting all hip (or whatever the kids are calling it these days…):

Bring this, big! Top down
drivin’ slow, for the ladies
But stil not cool, shit.

But we decided that this week’s award goes to Jennyt. Alec liked her change(s) in direction, & Sam2u appreciated Jennyt telling it like it is:

“Bring this big top down
Button by button, lover.”
“D cups! Schwing!” he said.

Thanks to Alec & Sam2u! And congratulations to jennyt, who not only wrote an excellent haiku but also reminded us how romantic the word “schwing” is! Our new first line is “D cups! Schwing!” he said. Get crackin’, and I’ll be back next Monday with jennyt’s pick.



9 Responses to “Twenty-Second Challenge Result (“D cups! Schwing!” he said.)”

  1. Ben Says:

    “D cups! Schwing!” he said,
    in earshot of his new boss.
    She was not amused.

  2. Joanna Says:

    “D cups schwing,”he said,
    selling the pole vaulter on
    a stronger sports bra.

  3. ismoon.maria Says:

    “D cups!? Schwing!”
    Napoleon needs a date
    90s are over

  4. Sam2u Says:

    “D cups! Schwing!” he said,
    “He was, like… bitchin’!” she said,
    My parents first date.

  5. Sam2u Says:

    “D cups! schwing!” he said.
    “Thanks. NEXT!”…. “D-plane! D-plane, Boss!”
    Tattoo auditions.

  6. Alec Says:

    “D cups, Schwing!” he said.
    “Szechuan Chicken Wings, in cups.
    Got it.” I replied.

  7. Alec Says:

    “D-cups! Schwing!” he said.
    Stuck with the nickname D-cups,
    And a coach that’s drunk… 😦

  8. Ben Says:

    D-cups “schwing,” he said;
    A-cups “plink”. Sound effects are
    not rocket science.

  9. jenny t Says:

    “D-cups! Schwing!” he said.
    “Clock! Schwing! Toast! Schwing! Poor guy: it’s
    Overactive Schwing.

    (I know I can’t win but I wanted to see how many times I could say schwing.)

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