Twenty-First Challenge Result (Bring this big top down)

January 5, 2009

Welcome to the first haiku challenge of 2009! Let’s review some awesome entries:

We saw some naughty behavior brought to us by jenny t:

Bad circus monkey –
for those satisfying splats –
greases the trapeze.

and Alec:

Bad circus monkey
Terrorizes the ice cream
While bananas split.

and jenny t again:

Bad circus monkey
Writes his haiku with one too
many syllables. See?

and Ben:

Bad circus monkey,
teased big cats mercilessly.
Need new lion tamer.

and Ben again:

bad circus monkey
tried to go home with the man
with the yellow hat

I discussed cuisine:

Bad circus monkey–
it tastes too fatty. Next time,
order wild monkey.

and Ben offered some criticism:

Bad circus monkey,
arthritic trapeze artist,
sad clowns. Let’s go home.

And now let’s hand things over to ismoon.maria:

jenny.t wowed me with splatting and greasing visuals. Alec & Sam2u made me laugh at disappointing circus’. Alec had a nice visual word play, and would make an unusual first sentence. jenny.t round 2 was sillyness with an outlaw haiku. Finally Ben showed us what happens with circus monkeys are REALLY bad. Sounds like my cats.

And the winner is: Alec & Sam2u for their big top coming down:

Bad Circus! Monkey,
fetch me the cannons and clowns!
Bring this big top down.

Thanks ismoon.maria! And congratulations to Alec & Sam2u; I believe that this is our first collectively-written winner! Our new first line is Bring this big top down. Get to work on those haiku, and I will see you on Monday with Alec & Sam2u’s pick.



6 Responses to “Twenty-First Challenge Result (Bring this big top down)”

  1. Kevin Moore Says:

    Bring this big top down
    Before mommy comes in and
    Cries, “Onanism!”

  2. Ben Says:

    Bring this big top down;
    tell the kids it’s a dreidel.
    Festival of lights.

  3. Sarah L. Says:

    Bring this big top down!
    Where are my tranquilizers?
    Low clown tolerance.

  4. ismoon.maria Says:

    Bring this, big! Top down
    drivin’ slow, for the ladies
    But stil not cool, shit.

  5. jenny t Says:

    “Bring this big top down
    Button by button, lover.”
    “D cups! Schwing!” he said.

  6. Ben Says:

    Bring this big top down –
    rag top cruisin’ in the sun.
    Damn Seattle rain.

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